Thursday, January 27, 2011

Balancing Can be difficult !!

Balance - I have tons to balance in my life, but doesn't everybody - but yesterday, was another busy, hectic kind of Mo day!!! Balancing is a talent I think I have down most of the time. The Challenge - balancing what I already have in my life and add a new routine - lifestyle change - can I do it - will I be up for this part of the balancing beam? Can I do it - am I ready??!!! YES I CAN!!!

Wednesday's struggle.......a meeting away from the office for 3 hours, rush back to the office and deal with a construction bid, drop off something by 5 pm, run to pick up something by 5:30 pm and try pick up by son by 6 pm. As I went about my day I did not feel rushed - took my water with me to my meeting - felt refreshed - even took the time to eat an apple as I headed home from work.
Then the I arrived to pick up my son I had to have a parent conference with the After School Program director. There was a "head butt" incident, getting mad and well, not keeping things in check. 2nd Write Up (by the 3rd one you can get kicked out of the program)..........I was upset, but for some reason I approached this with a whole new attitude. Rather then talk talk talk and get upset on the 5 minute drive home and keep talking as I was fixing dinner, I really thought about how to go about this issue. I took a deep breath - let it all sink in - took the time to be quiet, made dinner and reflected. Having my son "kicked" out of the program would require a much longer balance beam.

As we sat down for dinner I took the time to hear my son tell me what happened. I really listened. We worked out the issues, tried to come up with a plan of action for the next time and when it came down to the fact that he had to be punished I took it all in stride. I won't say that my son is a "perfect" child, but it is very very rare that I have to punish (took away a huge looking forward Video Game shopping trip and having to do extra chores, which was not something that was received well). Tons of crying and a little bit of negotiations on his part - have to give him credit for trying. However, I was proud of how I handled it. The best part - I didn't overeat, I didn't lose my cool, I didn't get upset, I didn't overeat out of frustration (oh, wait - did I already say that). I kept my dinner portions down, resisted the urge to eat after all was said and done for the day, even ignored the little voice in my head that was craving chocolate just before bedtime. Yep - balancing - I can do this!!!

I finished up my day - crawled into bed - was pleased with how my day went - things are going well. Liking the new lifestyle. Taking the time to reflect on me! Taking the time to take care of me, while still trying to have balance.

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Mer and Mo said...

It is such a relief that I am not the only one running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to keep it all together all the time.
Your mindful parenting is just awesome. You are such a great mom!
Balance and reflection are two things that I am going to remember to do for myself. Thanks again for the inspiration!