Monday, January 24, 2011

It was a Soccer Weekend!

We traveled down to Paseo Robles on Friday night and woke up really early for warm-ups. We had breakfast at the hotel's restaurant and I ordered the biscuits and gravy thinking it was just two, but four showed up at the table! So I ate one and gave the rest to my spouse who ate a few. I needed some protein so I ate some of my son's scrambled eggs and his bacon. 
I did well the rest of the day with just apples, bananas and veggies. My spouse bought a plate of BBQ piled with brisket and chicken, potato salad and beans. He shared with me since he knows I am working on losing weight. I ate enough to satisfy my palate and did not stuff myself like I usually do.  I even cooked for the crowd and did not sneak a hot dog or a hamburger. Thankfully, the request for the girls playing soccer was to stick to healthy snacks so the cookies did not come out until after the last game and I gave my chocolate chip cookie to my son.  I kept my water bottle close and drink what I needed.
Then, the group dinner came and we went to another BBQ joint just around the corner from the hotel.  The plates were huge, but I decided to get what I wanted, slow cooked pork ribs, and order healthy sides- green salad and baked potato with all the fixings on the side. I ate 2 ribs, half of my potato and all of my salad with one onion ring. Then, I did something I have never done before. I asked Brian if he wanted my ribs and after he took them asked the waitress to take my plate. I know I will just pick at it if it is in front of me. 
Now, Sunday was also good, and I treated myself to some Coldstone ice cream, but asked for a child-size and I ended up not eating it all.
The only thing that I did not get to was the walking that I had planned. I am happy with myself for making the plan and sticking to it. All it take is a little bit of thought and a little bit of discipline. 
I can tell you that it was DAMN hard to stick to it. Many times this weekend those crackers, cookies and those chocolate bars were calling to me. I just kept telling myself-"your eating to fuel your body, to appreciate those flavors and that is it!" So just keep telling yourself little phrases like that and it works like a charm!
Stay Strong! Have a great week refueling with healthy stuff and appreciating food!

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