Friday, January 14, 2011

The scale game...

I have been reading parts of the 100 day book and there is this one tip I am interested in. It says to weigh yourself everyday. I am not so sure I agree with that. However, I have been a creature of habit - when I start a new lifestyle (yes, we should never call it a diet - lifestyle, please) I will turn to the scale every morning. There are times I am not even paying attention to my eating habits and I turn to the scale once a week or that called everyday??? 
I get up in the morning and just before heading into the shower (going to the restroom first) I get out the scale. I tell myself  - "Don't do it - you had a rough night - you ate too much yesterday - you didn't sleep 8 hours or even drink all your water yesterday", but the scale seems to win. Not sure I can go with a specific recommendation - heck , the Biggest Loser does it once a week (some of us die waiting for that beep - beep sound on the TV), other experts say the same, then there is this new MTV show I happened upon "I Used To Be Fat" and they only weigh themselves every so often. What is the best thing for you??? You have to be the judge of that. Just remember, the one thing that you can't do is let the number on the scale win. If it is up, then it is up, if it is down, then it is down. Don't get overly excited or depressed, just be happy that you are working towards a healthy lifestyle. If it goes up a pound or two, then you have to realize that you have inches coming off, muscle that is being formed and well, that is the nature of the scale game. Tell yourself - "I will not get back on the scale a few minutes later to see if the number has changed, I won't get frustrated when it is down 2 pounds one second and up 2 the next"  - just pick a time that is going to fit for you and be happy with the number that flashes on the screen. Don't play the scale game....just feel good about what you have accomplished and know that your goal is to be healthier then you were!!!

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Mer & Mo said...

You're right Mo! This journey that we are on is a lifestyle change, not a diet.
To weigh or not to weigh everyday is the question and only YOU can be the one to make that decision. I know I can get obsessed and will get on the scale every chance that I get if I decided to do that so I have learned that once a week is better for me.
Celebrate the small changes that you see after all muscle does weigh more than fat so as you workout and build muscle don't rely on the scale look at the changes in your body and mind that is the best gauge, I think. And like they say in Kindergarten- "Everyday in every way we get better and better." Have a great week!