Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 20- Half-off special: Managing serving size by Mer

I love the suggestions on Day 20 of 100 days of Weight Loss (Spangle) since it is so very helpful when I am not home eating.

Here is the super easy way to manage you're serving size-

Imagine the portion that you would eat and only eat half of that. (Now that is simple. I can do that!)

So when I usually eat a chicken sandwich with two slices of bread for lunch I would only eat half and add a piece of fruit to complete the meal.

I love to go out to dinner with my spouse and dine with him. Not only do we enjoy each others company, but we also love to try out new foods. This half-off suggestion would work for me since it would allow me to really get into the textures, flavors and essence of each dish, but I don't have to leave feeling like the glutton goblin.

Some other great suggestions-

  • Never go back for seconds (Never, ever, never ever go back for more food!!!) 
  • Determine your serving size before you eat (plan, plan, plan: even if it is in your head while standing in line for your food at the buffet.) 
  • Half-off may feel unsatisfying so stop and notice your emotional needs (reflection: stop, listen and think)

Go with the "Half-off special" next time you are eating out some where and tell them Mer sent you!


Carla said...

Great ideas! I look forward to reading your past posts this weekend.

A New Dawn For Me said...

Oh I so agree with never never never go back for more, that has been my undoing a few times along with never never never nibble food as you're preparing it.
Lovely to find you in blogland - thanks for your kind comment!