Monday, January 24, 2011

Pick myself up and start again.....

Well, the weekend came and went. I didn't do very well!! There was so much to do and I really should have had a plan. I wanted to weed the front lawn, sweep up the remainder of the last bit of leaves that have been in the backyard since before Christmas (and yes, I don't have a tree on my property - but the huge oak tree next door keeps me busy in the fall)...there were other things that had to be done and well, I just didn't put a good plan of action into effect. Friday night - should have sat down for a real meal, but found myself making a sandwich and then after all was said and done for the night made another sandwich because I didn't take my time on the first one - thought that I need a bit of refueling, when all I should have done was finish up my days work and gone to bed. We had a Pinewood Derby workshop and well, only 3 boys and didn't get to "relax" until after 9 pm. Had to run to Modesto for Scout supplies on Saturday morning, when the whole time I really wanted to just be home doing stuff. People arrived at 1 pm for more Pinewood Derby help  - had 4 boys come (there are 30 boys, 25 raced....). And of course, the computer program was not work - three trips to the store later and sometime after 7 pm we got the system up and running. So much for yard work. I did have a nice treat - but I am not so sure if I did so well - my little sis brought over a pizza. It really wasn't very good, but I did have three pieces of it. Skipped the salad and well, just should have planned better. Sunday was even more full of "didn't plan" well - skipped lunch, but had an apple on the way to the race. That did fill me up, rather then having that popcorn that was sitting on the snack table. Got home and we completely exhausted. Proceeded to have 2 slices of left over pizza for dinner....yep - didn't plan, didn't have a good combination of food. I get like this - start a plan of action, start a new lifestyle and then something happens after 2 weeks. I can't and won't get into this pattern!!! Not this time!!! Just have to sit down, write it down and stick to it!!! Don't let the "busy-ness" get to me - keep on track and keep moving forward!!!! Was very proud of my little Scout - his car - with the help of Mom this year - came in 6th place!!! We now move onto the District Finals on the 12th - and even if we did drop his car at the awards ceremony, it only lost a wheel that can be put right back on. I am so proud of my Scout. Oh, and those 50 bars of chocolate he had to sell for school - so proud of him again - he took the responsiblity and sold all of them this weekend. I am so so so glad I don't have to see the box or be tempted by the box!!!

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