Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 5- My Magic Notebook

100 days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle
Magic Notebook-
The "magic notebook" has always been my friend, (but nothing like my BFF no way could anything top her.)  I have written in a journal for years. So for this "magic" notebook I want something that I can carry in my purse because I need it to keep me from slipping. 
Today, I used my to do list as the "magic notebook" while I sat in a meeting this afternoon. A box of See's Candies went by and I did not take one. A blueberry coffeecake went by and I did not take a bite.  There was a table of snacks with pretzels, crackers and popcorn, but I just sat there and wrote notes about how I don't need these snacks. I was feeling bored and I really wanted some sugar to keep me awake as my boss talked.  
Instead here is what I wrote-
Yes, it was about food, but it was about the left over pork roast and what to make with it for dinners this week-
- tacos and burritos
- BBQ pulled-pork sandwiches
- pork noodle soup
- pork fried rice
- sweet and sour pork
- pork stoup
And after I wrote this the feeling of wanting sugar went away. 
So this made me think how important it is going to be to pay attention to the patterns in my eating and to observe the cues that trigger the want to eat. 
Another "magic" way that I deal with my cravings is to act on it in a unconventional way- I go to and I look at food. This is my account there so I do upload interesting and new foods that I try, but there is a feature that I use often. There is a "WANT" button and I don't gain any calories pushing that want button. So when I am craving ice cream I find someone out there in the world having a big hot fudge sundae with whip cream and a big red cherry. I push that "WANT" button. It is satisfying enough for me to feel like I did something about it and it kept me out of the kitchen! 

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Mer & Mo said...

Thanks for the "pat on the back" of being your BFF....giggle, giggle...the journal in the purse is a great idea. All of your ideas on this one post are AWESOME!! Glad to hear you let the snacks pass by. Would love to try (or get recipe) for Pork Noodle Soup and what is Pork Stoup!! 100 days going strong!!