Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 11-Two purposes of food-

Two purposes of food- 100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle

From this day forward here is the only two reasons to eat-

1. to fuel my body
2. to appreciate flavors

I have started measuring my meals when I am at home. I am still struggling when I go out to eat, but I have made more healthy choices like salads with oil and vinegar instead of ranch dressing. Last night before I went to bed I cut in half the apricot kolachi, a sample is pictured above, and I was going to eat it, but then left it there and just went to bed. Willpower and discipline worked!
Now, if I could please get my butt up and exercise in the morning. It has not been a good week for exercising. My excuse is that I have a cold and cough so I am not sleeping well, but I did get up for a short 15 minute power walk. Once the the stiff heel is warmed up I jammed and it felt good. Once I am back 100% then I will be up for working out with intensity and power.
I need to focus on "making fuel a high priority." I need to learn to "stop when I am full and use high quality fuel."
I  know that I eat healthier when I plan out my meals during the day. I have to consciously plan in my head what I plan to eat. I love the flavors of food so appreciation is not the problem it is knowing when to stop.  I know that I need to eat more often and this will take some planning on my part because what I tend to do is work and work and work then, look up and realize that I am ravenous. So by the time that I do eat I will eat whatever is available to me and that is not always the best choices that I could have made.
So time to plan refueling stops and take healthy snacks so that you are not limited to what is leftover in the break room.
Two books to check out in the future- The 3-hour Diet and Eight Minutes in the Morning (Jorge Cruise)
Happy planning your next refueling!

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