Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 6- How I Protect My Program

100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle
Protect your program-

Now is the time to "...make a commitment that you will protect your program at all costs!" I feel like I should be wearing a girdle or something to make me aware of my stomach and remind me that I am on this journey to a healthy lifestyle. Everyday is it a struggle. It is so hard. There are too many temptations and even though I would love to do this- "don't put yourself in the situation where you'll have to test your willpower." It is just not possible since I am around food all the time. I know I will have to work on my willpower or maybe wear blinders!
So here are some important phrases that I have to start rehearsing because of course I have had years of not being able to say "no" to any kind of food.
Phrases to remember when around a food pusher-
"Not just yet..."
"I'm going to wait a little while.."
"Thanks, but I'll wait a little bit..."
"Let me think about it..."
"Maybe in a few minutes..."
The reading suggest to not discuss your diet with the food pusher and only say that you are following a healthy eating program.
I am going to have to "stay occupied by planning activities, projects or pulling out good books to read." I like to just munch while I am just standing around. It is really bad. I just do it without thinking so it is going to take time to get use to just doing the one thing and not multi-tasking while stuffing my face. I am a really bad grazer and it has to stop.
At lunch today one of the teacher's in the class I was teaching offered me some french fries. She kept inviting me to eat. I just said, " No thanks, I just had my peanut butter sandwich." I really wanted french fries! I did it I did not fall into the pit of food and start stuffing my face. I did have to walk out of the room and get a cup of tea to distract myself.
"I must protect my program at all costs!" And I will!

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Mer & Mo said...

You can do it - this journey will get easier, harder at times, but easy when you let it all fall into place!!! Keep up the good work!!! Very proud of your accomplishments!