Wednesday, January 19, 2011


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I am not a huge horoscope fan, but I do read the comics every morning and always have to read my horoscope right after. I am trying to push aside the fact that in the news recently they are saying that I am no longer a Scorpio, but my newspaper still says that I am - so until the discussion of what horoscope has been moved where and what has been added I will continue to be a Scorpio.

So, here was the message today -
Plan to write things down. If you don't have a set destination, you will not have a system of measurement to tell you when you are slipping far away from where you really want to be!

I think this is so true in our new lifestyle phase. Keep the journal handy - in all that you do - food, exercise, daily life - and you will hit the goal, the destination, the final outcome will happen!!! You can then re-read where you want to be when you slip. This was the first entry in my journal today - found a good, handy, portable Lil' Big Book to help me out with my life - I will look at this everyday to keep me focused. A plan, an action, a motivation!!!

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Mer & Mo said...

Hooray for the Lil' Big Book! Must christen its pages with your words and a whole lot of them! The cheapest therapy that I ever paid for.
I am with you. I don't like this horoscope change. I am an Aquarius and will always be an independent creative thinking soul. Off with their horoscope heads! I think they are talking crazy talk.
Writing down those goals and keeping them in front of you will be the most important thing that we ever do for ourselves! Stay on the boat, don't go overboard and you will reach the shores in no time!