Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 68- I had a "pause"

From 100 days of Weight Loss (Spangle)-
More notes from the reading-
  • change your dieting vocabulary
  • skip beating yourself up with harsh, punishing words
  • see slip ups as a "pause"- kind, non-judgemental words doesn't make detrimental reference to personality or ability to accomplish a goal
  • if you gobble 10 cookies that was not on your plan, mentally draw on an erasable white board and write 10 cookies. Then, mentally erase the board and get on with your life
As a parent, I constantly remind my own children-" it is not you that I am disappointed with it is your behavior that I am not happy with. I will always love you." So, when I think about my healthy lifestyle change I think about my behavior and habits instead of judging myself.  So I like this idea of a "pause" so that I can take a moment to rest, refocus and regroup so that I can get myself back on track. It is all about changing those eating habits and behaviors. It is far better to be positive and more nurturing being harsh gets me no where. When I want to change behavior in my students I praise them when I see them doing good and I work on building the relationships with them so that they know I care.  I have to do the same with myself. I have to keep reminding myself to be my best friend and to treat myself that way. 
I really like the idea of mentally erasing and moving on. What a powerful way to keep moving forward and not looking back to dwell on those minor mistakes. It use to take me a few days to get back on track after a mistake so it really does help to "keep me moving forward"  and mentally "drawing that line in the sand and stepping over it" will help me too. 



Dawn said...

I've just posted about changing my diet vocabulary ...telling myself I'm doing good for doing this NOW not beating myself up for what I didn't do then.
I see I'm the same with my children, encouraging the positives by being positive around the behaviours I want - I need to do this for myself more
We can do it x

Mer and Mo said...

My vocabulary now includes - just 5 more minutes on the punching bag, do another 10 reps with the free weights, stretch for 7 more minutes - I am doing it and my body loves it - I love it!!! My attitude is better, people see it and compliment me on it. Feeling good, feeling like a new woman!! You can do it, I am doing it, we all can do it - in more ways then you think!!