Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 61- My Food Triggers

I found my 100 days of Weight Loss book by Linda Spangle at the beginning of this week. I was inspired by Alan at Pounds Off Playoff to do my own quasi scientific observation of my own behavior and habits. Thank goodness for technology so that I could take notes on my cellphone everytime I thought about food. Since this week's readings have to do with triggers I made a consious choice to note everytime I thought about food and what triggered it.  Just so you know a food trigger according to Spangle are cues, or triggers are signals and thoughts that prompt you to eat when you were not planning on it. 
I won't bore you with all of my observations, but here are the highlights-

  • Sight- I have a "sweet" radar and when I see chocolates or any sweets I gravitate towards them and can't resist. I was judging at a science fair this week and the Dove chocolates were offered. I couldn't say, "No." My sight is keen when it comes to food- I look for texture, color and quality. Big problem when you live with a foodie and he teaches you what to look for when it comes to good food.
  • Smells- I love the smell of good foods- fresh baked cookies, grilled onions, and etc. One observation I made was that I love the smell of crunchy, hot popcorn so when someone pops some at the office I have to get up and find it. I could not believe that I actually got up out of my office chair and went looking for the popcorn. I did not eat it, but still I went looking for it!
  • Taste of foods- once I started eating these two foods I could not stop. I had to remove myself from the table or remove it from my reach- tortilla chips and trail mix are the foods that I had a hard time avoiding.
  • Eating because this is what we do when we eat- Example: pizza night- habitual eating of pizza and chicken wings I ate because it is what I have always done with my family. It is more of a social thing that I do. Mindless eating while chatting and visiting with family and friends. Instead of making a plan and sticking to my plan. 
Taking the time to beware of mine will help me get off this plateau and will help with future eating situations.  By giving in to the trigger I was giving food power over me. I was being mindless and not aware. Food is for fuel not for comfort or to take care of any other emotion that I happen to be feeling.  It feels good at first to eat, but then the feeling of goodness doesn't last.  It just takes off the edge.  I now know my triggers well and will do something about it.
What are your food triggers?

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Mer and Mo said...

My trigger seems to be the lack of me keeping busy. If I find myself just sitting watching TV I want to eat - why? That is my trigger - don't want to work on that project, but I can have a snack, that will make it seem like I am doing 2 things at once. I am becoming fully aware and doing my best to make sure I don't fall back into a routine or even allow this trigger to get the best of me.