Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yes I can, Yes I can........

I have decided that I want to break the 25 pound gone mark this week. I almost did it this weekend, but Sunday night proved to be a challenge for me. Did a little bit of snacking, but caught myself in time before the flood gates opened up.

Thinking of all those other bloggers out there, especially McGee of Chubby McGee's Blog, if she can do it with two little ones running around, climbing and doing what little boys do on any given day, while at the same time doing her many miles of walking to a DVD exercise tape, then I can do it. I thought about that this morning and yesterday all comfy in my bed. I have been going to bed late and not having much motivation to get up. But, after I do get up I am so glad that I did. Well, yesterday and today was one of those challenges - and it occured to me, if all these other people out in Blog Losing Weight Land or 24 Fitness Land or Walking Type of Morning Land can get up and do it, why can't I? I can train my brain to do this.

Felt so good to hit that punching bag - did 30 minutes both days. When I was tired of punching I jogged around the car - yes, it fits in the garage just the right way and there is plenty of room to jog - did 10 to 20 laps around and then back to the punching. Working my arms, my legs - and boy - did my legs hurt this morning. I could feel the burn. I said to myself - if those Biggest Losers can do it with Jillian or Bob yelling at them, then I can do it too - fight thru the pain - it is all good - I am doing good - I can do this!! I can feel the muscles in my back today. They feel good, tight and wow - is that what that feels like - my body is making changes - I can't wait to see and feel the other changes - this is it for me - no turning back - I am doing it!!

It is also funny that on any given work day I will be sitting at my desk all day wanting to be home exercising. Then I get home and I don't have time and/or I always find something else to do. Not last night - I made the time to do some of my Balance Ball exercises - I didn't go overboard because it was late and I didn't want to get all worked up if I was going to head to bed soon after that. But, just about 20 minutes of stretching and some good Balance Ball Crunches made me feel so much better - all while I watched TV - wow - what a concept - doing it - feeling it - making a difference in my life - loving this time in my life!!

Can't wait to see what the scale will say in a few days. Just will keep doing what The Little Engine That Could kept saying, but with a twist 
Yes I Can, Yes I Can......(and MY caboose will be small again -  LOL)

Staying MOtivated


Jackie said...

Oh, boy. This really hit home with me:

"It is also funny that on any given work day I will be sitting at my desk all day wanting to be home exercising. Then I get home and I don't have time and/or I always find something else to do." I have this same challenge! I dream of exercising and working out and all the great things I'll do when my workday is done and then when it's done, KAPUT. I do nothing.

If we could figure out a way to burn calories while dreaming of working out...that would be worth a goldmine, wouldn't it?

"Why can't I...?" Great question. Why can't I be fit and trim if I want to be? The whole truth is in the "do I really want to be?"

YES, I DO. And so do my friends Mer and Mo. Let's do this together, my friends.

Dawn said...

I feel like this too, frustrated I can't be in the gym then when I am home, life kees getting in the way. You can do it, and take the inspirations and move past that goal and beyond. With you all the way cheering you on x

Shannon said...

Yes, you can, and you will!!!