Monday, April 18, 2011

Body for Life- 6 Meals Daily!

I picked up the Body for Life book at the public library sale for $3.00 and I have had it on my shelf for sometime. I had talked to my sister, the personal trainer, about it. She told me that it will work, but it takes a commitment.  It is a 12 week commitment to  be exact and it was one of those things where I was always too busy to get started, but now I realize that I am always going to be busy. And you know what else I realized is that busy people get things done.  It was time to get this thing started and get to the healthy strong body and mind that I want. 
So, the plan is quite simple- you eat 6 meals throughout the day and they have to have a protein and a carb. Two of the meals need to have a serving of vegetables or fruit. Water is essential to this and drinking 10 cups is good.  The meals are the size of your fist since that is how big your stomach should be.

Here is my intake for today-
Meal #1- 2 egg whites, 1 whole egg scrambled on wheat toast, coffee, water
Meal #2- Oatmeal w/ pecan nuts, water
Meal #3- Tuna and white bean salad with broccoli and spinach, water
Meal #4- Cottage Cheese & plain greek nonfat yogurt w splenda and frozen blueberries, water
Meal #5- Soup with Turkey meatballs, broccoli and pasta, water
Meal #6- Protein drink- Chocolate flavored with strawberries, water

My son's preschool had an Easter egg hunt so he offered a jelly bean so I took only one and then he also offered a dark chocolate easter egg. I ate that too. Then, after dinner my family shared a chocolate eclair and I choose to not partake in that one.  I was very proud of myself for not having even one bite. I overheard my daughter say that "the eclair was ok." I was not interested in something that was ok. So proud of myself that I did not fall into that food trap.
There are only certain foods on the list so it can be a little limiting and they recommend their protein shakes for the snack meals. I have a protein drink that I like so I use it instead. I like that the 7th day you get to eat whatever you want. I really like that! It means that you don't deprive yourself, which when changing a habit this can be a good thing. 
I have to go to bed. My eyes are closing as I type this last part.

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Mer and Mo said...

Can't wait to hear your results!! Good job with staying on track!! I have decided to cut carbs out this week and will see how that goes - have to do a bit of shakeup myself, my body is not wanting to cooperate with me right now - :)

Staying MOtivated MO