Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mo's Home Gym

I am so excited to finally get a moment to share with you my Home Gym options. I sort of wish I could go to a real gym (check out the good looking guys, too) and maybe even get a personal trainer - someone like Bob Harper or Jillian Michaels yelling in my face and making sure I am working as hard as I can - but there just is never time for that. I have tried to join the gym and my work does help pay for the cost, heck, I even went to one for about 4 months a few years back, but my daily schedule just does not give me the time I want to actually make it to a "real" gym.
With that in mind, I have had to find other resources to make sure I am getting in my daily exercises. In recent weeks I have had a good giggle about all the options I do have at home and how many of them I have had in my house for years. I sort of have my own Mo's Gym right in the comfort of my own home....come take the tour..........

There is the new addition to my Home Gym - the Punching Bag
(glad that I got it for free and well, if they ever want it back - its just not going to happen - great stress release for me)

Then I was pleased to have the opportunity to purchase a Pilates Reformer Board from Mer's sister. From time to time I do make it down to her Pilates Studio and she uses a bigger board then this on my visits. Having this smaller one at home is giving me the opportunity to do my Pilates and stretch on a more regular basis. Yes, it is in the garage for the moment, but I can move it easier in the garage and the space is great when I move the car out of the way.

I talked about the Big Blue Balance Ball a few weeks ago - good way to keep yourself moving even if you

are watching TV - good stretches, build up balance and so much more....

And then there is the medicine ball that somehow ended up at my house - not sure how - but when you have a son that goes from Mom to Dad's on any given weekend, sometimes things just appear. I recently watched an A&E show - "Heavy" - and saw a lady working out with this type of exercise equipment - so I did a little research - make sure you bend your knees - take your time. I am not a huge fan of the heavyness and can't do more then say about 20 throws up in the air at this point, but just a little bit at a time - right - heck, free exercise equipment - can't beat it!! Going to learn more in the months to come....

 These hand weights have been with me for years...........I have a One Pound black pair, but can't locate them at the moment. That is fine - 3 pounds & 5 pounds is better. I use these to walk with or when I just don't feel like being too active I let my arms get a workout with the over the shoulder lifts, side arm lifts and even walking in place and using these in my hands to give me an extra added boost. Every little bit works and gets me moving even if it is not moving that much.

I received this Kettle Bell from the same friend that let me borrow the punching bag - this she can have back - as I did return it to her this past Sunday. But, a simple Kettle Bell exercise is good for the arms, legs and your whole body - I did do this a few times and might even get one in the future, but for now this exercise "gym" equipment has gone. However, please notice the 20 on this Kettle Bell - it is just 2 pounds lighter then what I have lost so far (22 pounds) and boy when I lifted this the other day to take the picture I realized that I used to carry that extra weight. It is heavy - in fact very heavy - so glad that I have shed this much and can't wait to keep shedding more....

This next piece of equipment I actually paid for - well, a Target Gift Card paid for - it was just about $9.00. Another good form of Cardio - Jumping Rope - heart pumping!! I haven't done the jump rope thing since Elementary School - you never know, might be just the ticket to get me back to my 6th grade weight (ok - I can wish, can't I) 

Then there is the resistance bands and DVD that I have - can you believe it - I can't remember where I got these and can't even locate the 2 other bands for this three set collection. Think that my son got hold of them and they are somewhere in his toy pile. For now I have been putting this Red Resistance Band to work. I have viewed the DVD about 2 times, but it is quite boring and moves too slow for me - but it is good to be versed in what you are exercising with - like they say, don't try this at home - so back to viewing the DVD when I need that refresher lesson. Stretch, bend, stretch....

Proform I Series 800 Elliptical Then I have an Elliptical - bought this one for myself 2 years ago - have worked with it from time to time and no, it is not a clothes hanger, or collects too much dust - but for the moment it is behind most of my Day Camp box organization in the spare bedroom and I am not using it. I am loving all my other new and exciting exercise equipment options, this little bit of "Gym" will get used again, but for now let's explore the rest of my options.......

As a side note, I am having fun with this posting. So many ways for me to lose weight and in the comfort of my own home.... 

 Years ago when McDonald's - yes, the fast food place with Ronald....when they there offering new salads and healthly choices they had a set of simple DVD's that they gave out with these new heathly meals. I got these from another friend (nice to have friends). I can't locate the Yoga one, but 4 years ago when I lost my last large amount of weight I really liked the Cardio and the instructor is animated, so not too annoying...moving on - Walk Away the Pounds - Groovin with Richard Simmons (too funny that I have this) - and Fat Burning Work Outs. I have to admit - Richard has not gotten a lot of TV time in this house and the Fat Burning Tape - not sure it has ever made it into the machine. I have done the Walk several times and actually can't locate the tape at the moment - on the hunt for that. You have to change up your routine from time to time - shock the body and give yourself a chance to have variety.

 And then if there is ever the need to really go to a gym I can just hop in the car and drive about 10 minutes down the road to my sisters home gym - they have a treadmill, a rowing machine and a Bowflex....Classic Home Gym          wow- the possibilities are endless.

What do you have in your Home Gym?


Dawn said...

My home 'gym' looks nowhere near as fabulous as great to have ALL of that....well nearly can keep the ball they scare me the thought of the big BANG as I sit on it puts me right're clearly braver than me

Mer and Mo said...

WOW MO! What an awesome gym you have! And you don't have to pay fees. You take all of my excuses away.
Thank you for this post! I think I will buy myself a jump rope next!
Have a great day!!!

Shannon said...

Awesome gym!! It's so nice that you have so many choices - keeps you from getting bored!

Mer and Mo said...

I ran into ROSS tonight and got lucky! I bought the last jump rope. I will be singing "Teddy Bear, teddy bear.." tomorrow morning when I am up and jumping. I needed the variety in my workout so thanks for the inspiration!