Monday, April 25, 2011

A New Style - A New Plan - A New Number

SASSY - lively and spirited!!!!

I had a good weekend. I really did!!! I totally missed my son, but I was glad that I had some time to myself. I got off work early on Friday and I got to enjoy my hair appointment to the fullest. When my hair dresser was excited that I wanted to do something a bit different she said that she was going to go for the Sassy look - I feel sassy - beautiful and feeling really confident!! No worries to all of you - I am still growing it out to donate to Locks of Love, but that is still a work in progress - hoping for sometime next Spring (maybe sooner). I don't know what it is and I am not going to try and figure it out. Well, might be that I am actually taking care of me first (and the rest is following) or that I am enjoying my workouts and it is giving me the motivation I need. Loving life right now and not waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Friday evening I enjoyed a nice helping of frozen cooked in the oven french fries, and I will admit it - they were so good!! I allowed myself this little treat and I was so proud of the way I took it all in. Didn't beat myself up, wasn't even tempted to overeat the next day (which used to be the case). Knowing that I am doing good in controlling my temptations and at the same time proud that I got right back on track the very next morning!!

Saturday was a Good-Bye event for my Parents Without Partners group (or PWP for short). This group has been active since the late 1960's (yes, that long) and well, in this day of Internet Match Ups and just the fact that young people find other ways to meet others and the fact that it is a lot of work to run of group of 70 people and only 5 or 6 show for events - it was just time to put the whole thing to rest. We had a good time at the park Even if the food was over 1.5 hours late, it was nice to socialize with many. It is kind of funny that I joined this group thinking I would meet more people my own age, but the closest person to me is 9 years older then me and the age range goes up and up from there. I have a good group of ladies that I hang out with from time to time, but when you are the only one with a child under the age of 21 it becomes hard to get together. However, as a foot note - if you are a single parent and you do see a local PWP in your area, it does not hurt to check it out - you never know who you might meet and what fun you will have meeting them. We used to do monthly dances, wine tasting events, game nights, potlucks, eat outs and just checking out local events.

Sunday...even if it was Easter there was no Chocolate, Candy or huge temptations in my house. I met my little sis for Church and she treated me to a Starbucks coffee after (small, thank goodness) and we got to catch up for a short moment. A late Brunch and a movie with girlfriends. The Brunch was delish - but so full of carbs!!! I only had two bites of my blueberry muffin, ate only 1/4 of my potatoes and again only 2 bites of my bagel with cream cheese. Limited my shrimp, crab & cheese omelet to 1/2, too. And a funny thing, I wanted more fruit!! Chuckled a bit about that, because I am a picky fruit eater. Avoided the popcorn treat at the movie and tons of water was my companion during the day.

I have decided to also do a little bit of shake up in my eating plan. Not really like Mer's, but I have also been on a plateu and sometimes your body is just fighting you all the way. A few months ago I was given this plan and well, when I first looked at it I felt it was limited and I was not "hip" on doing it. I looked over the menu plan again and thought - I can do this, it can't be that bad, it really does have some great selections. The groceries have been bought, I have two options each day for each meal and I am going to try it for about 2 full weeks before I share. A huge exercise nut gave me this plan specifically based on my feedback and well, I never put it to use and it is all there in writing for me, what is the harm, give it a shot and tell my friend thanks when it works - oh, but I have to make it work and I plan on doing my best. Wishing myself luck!!!

I can't forget to tell you - the exercising - going great!!! As busy as I am, I have been on track and doing my 30 minutes of exercise each day. Wow - what motivation!! I am feeling good, feeling sassy and totally recharged!! I got on the scale this morning and I still think I am in a dream! I am down 25 pounds !!! Somebody pinch me, because I can't believe it. I am afraid if I slip it will all be gone in an instant, but I am doing this - you are doing this - we are all doing this !!! No slipping for this girl - going strong - feeling good and ready for what is on the horizon for me!!!

Staying MOtivated


Bobbi said...

Congratulations on the sassy new 'do...and so much more! Your attitude is infectious, Mo! As you know, I've been in a slight funk - but reading about your experiences - your positive outlook toward exercise, allowing yourself to have treats and balance them with your other choices...this really is something we all can do! As you say, we're all doing it together (and I can't imagine a better group of women with whom to share this journey!). :-)

Carla said...

Mo, I am so happy for you, things are going great! I cut my hair a few weeks ago, took off 14 inches and I love it. Sassy is the word, I love it.

Mer and Mo said...

I am so happy and proud that you decided to toot your horn, MO! 25 pounds should be celebrated and shared with all of these wonderful people who help us on this journey. By you forging ahead and taking chances it keeps me on track and accountable because even though I don't see you every day I do feel like we are still connected at the hip and that I don't want to disappoint my BFF. I have to do this thang! And let me tell you. I have never felt better in my life since I have lost my 17 pounds since starting this with you.

Mer and Mo said...

Thanks to you all for the great atta boys!! I am feeling so good and so glad that I can help out others !!!

Staying MOtivated

Chubby McGee said...

Great work!!! You resisted candy on Easter and you avoided emotional eating while missing your son.

You are rockin' it!

As for that plateau, I hope you can smash through it SOON to give yourself an even "sassier" attitude. It'll match your new 'do. Tee-hee! I wish you luck with your new boost plan. Let us know how it turns out, eh?

Good work! Keep on truckin'!!!!

Michele said...

Hey, Mer!
Sounds like you have really made some life style changes. Good for you! I find that the exercise pays off in dividends each and every day: more stamina and energy!