Friday, April 8, 2011

Weekend Plans....What are you doing?

Friday - was hoping it was Saturday when I woke up this morning, but nope, it was Friday!! So excited for this weekend - things to do, people to see, getting stuff done for me and getting ready for the next week. No meetings next week, we get to work on Aman's Mission project - have to get it done, soon!! Tick Tick Tick - time is ticking away on that project........ok - getting off track.

We are having a BBQ at work today. It being a meatless Lent kind of day for me I prepared - brought a tuna fish sandwich. I will limit my feast to just adding salad onto my plate. I can do this - staying in control.

Happy Hour tonight - Drinks and appetizers with a friend tonight. First time out on a Friday in about a month - or has it been three weeks? The last time I went out with this friend I went overboard and my body let me know it. Not this time - not again!! I am looking good, feeling good and the outfit I am wearing (going right after work) feels good today. The shirt I am wearing has looked tight on me for a long time and yes, I haven't worn it in over a year and WOW - I feel good in it today. It zips up the front and it isn't tight. Can't believe it!! The arms aren't tight. WOW !! I am doing this. So many things are happening to me and I am loving this time in my life. I can do this - staying in control! Heck, might even get the chance to flirt- wouldn't that be cool (and the icing on the cake to celebrate a week of feeling good)!!

Saturday - tons of errands and driving from one city to the next to pick up, drop off and get things done. Making sure I pack a nice snack and/or good lunch for my outing. I can do this - staying in control!

The rest of the weekend I am home. Going to keep busy with Day Camp preparation. Yes, it is 2 months away, but so much to do. I will not munch, crunch or go over board with my eating. I will stay in control.  Got my Glow Back!! Like Mer Says - Just one more day - you can do it - keep it up!!!



*** Updated - was really proud of myself this weekend - even drove the long way home that does not go past a single fast food joint - was craving a French Fry run on Friday night and I concurred the craving!! ***


Jackie said...

This post just plain made me happy and inspired to create a weekend that I'm excited about, too! Have fun tonight and enjoy that shirt that zips right up with no tightness in the arms. No wonder you feel so good... you're making positive changes and it shows. Have a great time!

Dawn said...

Oh isn't it wonderful when you walk around in clothes that you couldn't get into before and now you can and you KNOW you're looking better. Willpower is looking good're making strong decisions and you will be celebrating more loose clothing soon. Have a lovely weekend

Mer and Mo said...

I made it to Spring Break! We're doing Spring cleaning today and leaving for the snow tomorrow! Then, we have to do some volunteer hours at the boy's preschool this week, but other than that sleeping, planning, exercising and staying happy and healthy.