Monday, April 4, 2011

Hop Into Spring!!! upon us and with that comes the opportunity to get out of the house - wonder from the walls of the gym and see what Mother Nature has to offer you in the way of exercise. Find new places to explore - go enjoy the weather - forget the coats at home - get some sun and a little bit of color (watch out - make sure you have your sunscreen on). From time to time we have to change things up - make sure you are doing  a workout that you enjoy - here are some fine tips from my latest Biggest Loser email in what you can do to get the Spring back in your Step....

Wander......outdoors, wade in a stream, climb a mountain, walk around a lake or along the boardwalk. Let yourself go without a watch. Enjoy the walk for the walk's sake and make the location and the experience the only reasons you need to put one foot in front of the other.

...with your kids (or a friend's), fly a kite, throw a ball with the dog, play a round of golf or game of tennis. Coach a little league team. Teach the kids to swim.

Work... the yard--bending, walking, lifting, balancing, carrying, twisting. Sound like the latest aerobics class? Nope, it's just an invigorating session of gardening. But, if you keep it moving, gardening burns as many calories as walking 3 mph!

Staying MOtivated


Jackie said...

Don't you just love spring? No coats - outside - sunshine. Reading your post made me all eager to get outside myself - ASAP! I like your ideas for enjoying the outdoors.

Sweet Pea said...

It is still a little on chilly side in my neck of the woods, it did snow yesterday. HOwever, I am exicted that Spring is here and warmer weather is approaching. LOVE the tips !!!

Mer said...

Spring brings beautiful flowers and my hay fever! Never fear there is meds for that. So happy to have the sun shining down on us! Thanks for the little reminder to get outside!
Shine, shine, shine!