Thursday, March 10, 2011

Excitement and Anticipation

Yesterday was report card day. One I was sort of nervous about. There was the fact that my little Aman might get a 1 for writing - dropping from a 3 last year to a 2 and then oh, no, maybe even a 1. There was also this anticipation that if he did well he was going to get to do a Pottery Class this coming April. That was his goal. He had to do better in a few subjects and not fall behind in any. He was successful. I have to make sure there is room in the class and juggle my work schedule a bit, but the application is being filled out today.

As we drove home last night with the glow of the evening...not just the news about the report card, but news that I am getting a huge free helping hand with my wood projects for the upcoming Scout Day Camp I do each summer....this goal setting thing got me to thinking. What could we do for his next report card and what can we do for my weight lose goal? I have been slack in actually making goals for myself. I have been doing all the right things, but it is time to write them down, make up a plan, set somethings in motion if I want to keep moving forward and dropping those pounds and inches around me. Maybe Aman and I can make a bet with each other? Let's see...what would it be....can we do this....we are knocking out the can't and the couldn't - doing the Should and I did it!!!

We had fun giggling and brainstorming on our 10 minute drive home with what we wanted to accomplish. We are always on the go, but we never really do too many fun things. Well, they are all fun, but when I think of more fun I think of going places, traveling and getting a chance to experience something new. This is what I wanted to do with this excitement - this anticipation - what can we do that will give us both the drive to succeed and would work for both of us? We haven't had a real vacation since 2009 (a great trip to Hawaii). Last year was the new house and well, this year we are doing some Scouting overnight camping trips that will take up most of my weekly vacation days, so going anywhere huge would be out. What if we were to take a weekend trip somewhere - a day trip - something other then seeing friends or family? I made several suggestions - trip to the Moaning Caverns, a San Francisco Giants game, maybe even Tahoe, - and there in the back seat I hear the laughter and anticipation and the words come out of his mouth - How About Las Vegas?? What, what was that you say - mmmmm - I thought about it for a moment and had to laugh outloud. That is a huge thing and I am not really sure we can do that. So, Aman then proceeds to say "Hawaii" - yeah - right - that isn't going to happen anytime soon....we kept thinking. Finally - success:

Boardwalk Carousel Centennial Logo

That would be fun - make a day of it - maybe even squeeze in an overnight visit. The beach, the sand, the wharf, watching the sailboats go by and riding all the rides on the boardwalk!! School ends in 2.5 months - with 2 weeks off for vacation, and then 9 weeks until May 27th - for a total of 11 weeks. Aman's goal - get his writing grade to go up to a 3 and/or I have to receive a first hand report from his teacher that he has done better and that he has made improvements.

My goal - lose another 20 pounds by May 27th! I know, I know - seems like a pipe dream for some, but I am heavy and weigh more then some people really think that I am. I am on the right path, have the right start and the MOtivation - and they say that you do start to drop about 2 pounds a week with the drive - so I can do this (2 pounds x 11 weeks - 22)! I have said in the past that I would not tell you my starting or ongoing weight, but will tell you how much I am losing - that I will stick with - just a personal choice about that. If you have been reading about me and my new lifestyle  I haven't even started to really push the exercise factor. This is my goal - my anticipation - my excitement!! Exercise like I should be (there it is - SHOULD) then I know I can hit this goal. I am down 22 pounds since January, I know I can do this again (and then another 20 and another 20) ....hey - there's a goal - a little bit at a time!!

I am really excited about this goal and this bet. We bet each other to give each other support, guidance and encouragment. We bet that both of us have to hit the goal or we just can't go. I want to go - I know he wants to go - I am getting excited just thinking about it.

When I hit this goal I will be down just about 40 pounds and on my way to success. Camp will be just around the corner from that date and I can then proudly get up on that stage in front of 300 + Scouts & parents and show off a new figure, a new look, and let people know that not only can I do it, but you can too!! Plus, the last time I was on a roller coaster I barely fit into it - this time will be different and I won't have to worry about just watching from the sidelines as my son rides the coaster of fun!! Hey - is that another goal and another - wow - where did that come from?! Look at that anticipation - the excitment is growing - wishing me huge success and glory in the weeks to come!!!

Staying MOtivated


Jackie said...

Sounds like the goal-planning was just what you (and Aman) needed. This is a happy, upbeat post and I enjoyed reading it very much. I bet you will be down 20 pounds in 11 weeks! It seems reasonable to me. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. I know it takes time and I appreciate your "visit."
Best wishes to you - and Aman. Go Aman!

Carla said...

Congratulations on the 22 pounds, good job Aman! The Boardwalk sounds like a lot of fun, fingers crossed for your goals.

Mer and Mo said...

I was giggling while reading this post since I can just see Aman's face when you set this goal together. I am looking forward to going to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk with you and Aman! We both will be strutting down the boardwalk with our new healthier bodies! I know you and I can do it! I will also take the challenge and lose the next 20 with you or I don't get to go to the boardwalk either!
Looking forward to the challenge!