Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Catch Phrase

I am so sleepy. I want and need more sleep - my energy level is very low today. I, however, have inspiration on my side. A few free moments yesterday gave me the opportunity to read some of my fellow June Boom participants posts yesterday and I am glad I did. Especially on the everyday 30 minute exercise goal. I have been doing my exercise, but most days I have only done the minimum. In fact, my 30 minutes has only been a few minutes here, another few minutes there and eventually when I add it all up I have gotten in my 30 minutes. That for sure is not what I wanted. I want to be able to do 30 or even 60 minutes, but my time is very limited. Doing a little bit is good, but not as good as I want it to be. I want that part of my "to do" list done first thing in the morning and not that exercising is a chore I HAVE to do - it is something I WANT to do. And if they are doing it, I CAN DO IT!!!! It is not only a challenge, but motivation, inspiration and a friend giving you the drive when you need that added extra push. I think of the challenge as this - there was this cute Blue Diamond Walnut commercial years ago that said "A Can A Week - that's all we ask" (they were trying to sell the product and it was a cute catch phrase). So, I know it is silly, but I have come up with what I feel is a good catch phrase for me and this June Boom Challenge and inspiration to help me in my weight loss journey -

30 Minutes a day - and you will melt a-weigh!!!!!!!

Those blog posts were in my head last night - in such a good way! I arrived home last night and did a full 30 minute workout all at once. Then this morning I was so proud of myself for doing just about 45 minutes and this time I broke a sweat. Only recording 30 for today, because I feel that extra 15 will make up for the lack of  "extra effort" I have not been able to do in the past 4 days. This mornings workout was AWESOME!!!!! Even if the walking in place, the stomach crunches and the 15 minutes of free weights did not really wake me up, I am feeling good. Still sleepy and my mind was talking to me on my way into work - stop for a fancy Starbucks coffee, that will pick you up. But wait, you don't have any cash and please don't use the ATM on a $4.00 purchase - come on. Then how about a Coke with a fast food breakfast - that will do the trick, right? Again, no cash and that ATM - give it up. I was good - had a bowl of warm oatmeal and the glass of juice was my after workout treat. Getting ready for my work day and my water is right by my side.

I also want to share this little tidbit. I feel this statement is true for almost all of me. Working on the healthy and physical part of me and I might not have a money tree, but at this moment I do feel like a Millionaire! My mind, body, soul is loving how I am right now and I don't want it to ever change again!!

Heading to the grindstone - enjoy your day and rest of the week ~~~~~

Still and will always be - Staying MOtivated MO


Maria said...

I've been having so much trouble doing any exercise at all these days! I'll do it one day and feel good, but the next day I'm too lazy! AAARGH

Sounds like you've got it going right, hang in there!

Bruce said...

Way to stay after it! Reading about others being motivated by the June Boom, helps me stayed motivated on the challenge as well. I have trouble logging my food, but I made the commitment and am holding myself accountable on my blog. So far so good!

Allyson said...

I agree with Bruce! Reading others keeps me going more than anything else. Hey, your millionaire button slogan at the end is genius! Love it!

Dawn said...

I love to read about your is infectious isn't it!
Thanks so much for your support..I'm doing crazy numbers of hours at work but keeping going...and we will get there in the end, if we just keep going

WeightLossTrek said...

You're doing great! Stay focused on your goal and you will achieve it.

fatgirlwearingthin said...

When I'm in a good place both physically and emotionally, it's like all of the planets are magically aligned. I want to bottle that positive energy up and save it for the days when I don't want to work out. Glad you're in the zone. Savor it and keep up the great work :)