Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Awards - Awards - Awards

And the Awards keep coming. Been very busy with many things - Mer traveling and finishing up her school year and having to take a few classes online that have kept her busy busy busy. Mo working 16 hour days on both her everyday life and volunteering to run a 3 day camp for Scouts. In the process of all this busy this and busy that, we were given awards.

Given to us from Michele and then the other from Karen. Time to take them with the applause and hope that when Mer gets time she can add to this post.

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I am going to combine my awards - if that is ok -
Thanks again to both Michele and Karen for the nomination. I love both of their blogs and if you haven't had a chance, read them - do so when you can. They are both inspirations, motivators and mini cheer leaders in their own right.
Many things about me:
1. I have owned three cars in my lifetime. A Mazda, A Honda Accord and now a Toyota RAV 4

2. I have only been in 3 car accidents (so far - knock on wood) - once where I rubbed our family station wagon against a tree in some camp grounds. The worst part was hearing my dad hammer out the dent in the echo of the forest - the worst! Then another time I backed into a big light post - my parents weren't home, so had to explain it to them after their vacation - "welcome home". The last one was over 14 years ago (again, knock on wood) - I was turning left onto a busy street and missed the guy coming out of the driveway across the way, or should I say he didn't miss me. Crushed the front end and had to drive my Mom's Vega for about 3 weeks - awful, since the Vega was painted primer gray and smelled of smoke and well, had no muffler.

3. I used to drive to High School in a Red Station Wagon - shared it my senior year with my sister and brother, until my brother crashed it - his turn, not mine.

4. I have traveled to these States (in the US) - and these have not just been "plane transfer stops" - Alaska, Hawaii, Arizona, Idaho, Iowa, Oregon, New York (the City, too), Tennessee, Georgia, Washington, Washington DC and Maryland. Hope to hit many other states in the years to come. Would love to do a cross country trip one day. Route 66 maybe??? Does that still exist?

5. Out of the Country I have traveled to Mexico and Canada. Hoping to make it to Jamaica one day - for a long relaxing vacation.

6. I want to travel to Ireland one day - kiss the blarney stone and see how beautiful that country is - the birthplace of my family!

7. I lived in Las Vegas, Nevada for several years. Hot Hot and more hot, but tons to do that does not include gambling or show girls.

8. I am a East Coast Gal - White Hots, Abbotts Frozen Custard, Garbage Plates, Red Wings Baseball, Buffalo Wings.....but, we can't forget that I grew up on the West Coast - Togo's Sandwiches, Tri Tip and Best Food Mayonnaise (not Helman's), San Francisco Giants, BART, and being a few hours away from the snow. Let's not forget the Wegman's versus Raley's all in one shopping center competition. And do you say Pop or Soda?

9. I love to do 5K's with friends and wish I had more time to do more - not a big runner, but love to walk for a cause! Used to be part of Team Radio Flyer for the Sacramento Food Bank Thanksgiving Run, too many people now (20 K), so I have found another Thanksgiving morning fun run/walk to enjoy!

10. I used to work for Baskin & Robbins Ice Cream. When they had funny hats, pink, brown & white stripped shirts that were made out of polyester - yuck - my Dad loved the "mistakes" I used to bring home.

11. I was robbed at gun point while working at Baskin & Robbins once-  they found the culprit days later in a hotel room with sweets, candies and chocolate in the room - she was called the "sweet" bandit.

12. While also at the Baskin & Robbins job, one Sunday morning, I was "flashed" in the back alley while dumping the trash - made for an interesting day!

13. I have only paid for 3 pieces of furniture in my house. No worries - the rest of the furniture is not a "garage sale" left over, but it has either been loaned, borrowed, given to me for the rest of my life or it came from my parents house when they passed away (those are great memories!!)

14. Growing up I wanted to have 6 kids, be a stay at home mom and always be busy - I only have 1 kid, I work a 40 hour week, but for sure am always busy!

15. I am not a good cook - get nervous and wish that I could be more confident in my cooking abilities.

16. I balance my check book to the Penny every week!!!

17. I wish I knew how to sew - pins, needles, scissors and all.

At this point I am supposed to pass on my awards to many others, but I am just not sure who to nominate. So, rather then actually nominate I would like to list the new ones that I have gotten to know in the past few months. Check them out - you never know when they will inspire, motivate or give you that extra lift for the day............

The Tortoise - getting to know her blog and love this motto - 2011 Motto: Slow and steady wins the race!

Bitch Cakes - she takes the most wonderful pictures as she is riding her bike and doing major runs around the New York area.

Allison - getting to know a little about her each day  - loving her list of "rewards" for her journey

C - amazed at her pictures of progress!!

I could go on and on, but have to end this post.....sending out a SHOUT OUT to everyone that has helped inspire me, motivate me and keep me going through this journey. You all don't know how much this blog "thing" has helped me in my new found again self - helped me to drop those pounds and helped me to feel a bit more confident!!!!

Staying MOtivated MO


Dawn said...

I love people's awards posts because you get to read more about them!
I've never travelled to US but I will, my heritage is Irish too, my grandmother was Irish and I've been there and its really beautiful and the Irish people are so warm and welcoming. You must visit one day for sure

Mer and Mo said...

So proud of you for getting these awards! I hope to be back atleast once a week for a check in!

Karen@WaistingTime said...

Always fun to learn little things like this about other bloggers:)