Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In the Home Stretch....or should I say Camp Stretch..

Mo here - yes, I am alive, but barely, well....actually I just need some sleep. I am sitting here at just about midnight, printing out some 190 Cub Scout certificates and about another 100 volunteer certs, and I am out of black ink (yep, knew that was going to happen) and well, it is just time to go to bed. One more day of camp, then clean up and a massage for the hard working Camp Director!! I think I have been sweating out the pounds in the 105 degree weather! First Day of Summer today and wouldn't you know it, Mother Nature decides to remind us what summer is all about - heat, heat, heat..

Eating has been out of control, but not too crazy, but been eating on the fly - did finally get groceries in the house and it was wonderful to have a piece of fruit the other day.

One other highlight - a 8 year old boy came up to me, put his arms around me and just held on and said "THANK YOU" in the littlest voice - "Thank You for doing all this for just us!!!" Now if that wasn't the best- even the flip flop issue could not spoil that moment for me - just AWESOME!!

So - here are just a few pictures from the last few days - will write more later.....missing the blog, so ready to see how the rest of my June will play out.

Just about one day of projects to sort, pack and get ready for the trip to the park.
(they were everywhere!!!)

Den Boxes - 20 groups in all - 190 Scouts - oh, my!!

The backdrop was cool - can you see through the magnifying glass
(thanks to my Camp Program Director - she rocks!!)

Part of our group - the "sea" of green

More - More and more!!!

Oh - I did get a handful of compliments from a few people in the last couple of days that I look good - that made me feel so spectacular. My goal was to be down 40 pounds by camp, and last I checked I was close, by about 2 pounds - I think, haven't weighed myself in more days then I can count. The pants I am wearing are WAY too big for me - even wore a belt today - felt so good!!!

**** BEST NEWS EVER - just woke up after my little sleep to get ready for day 3 - opened my morning newspaper and there we are - FRONT PAGE!!! I am so happy right now!!!! ****

Staying MOtivated MO


Bruce said...

Heading out with my Scouts for summer camp next week! Camp directors like yourself are great! Thanks for helping out with Scouting in your neck of the woods.

Keep up the great work in the weight loss journey as well! Aren't too big of pants just a great reward instead of pulling as hard as you can just to get them to snap together? :) Been there, done that!

Dawn said...

What a wonderful experience for those young people, they will always remember camps they went on when they were young. You are a marvel for doing all that .....and 40lb changing weight loss....Soo soooo pleased for you.
Have a good rest - you have deserved it

Mer and Mo said...

WOW MO! I love the pictures from camp! Your scouts are so lucky to have you! And looking fabulous you are! I can't wait to see you soon!