Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Girl, A Boy..is this really what it can be like?

I have tons to do - but it is Tuesday and I totally can't let this day go by without sharing my news. And for some of you, there is anticipation in the air to hear the next chapter of this story. You know what I am talking about. Yes, it is Tuesday Water Delivery day in the office.

When we last left our story, the cute lady behind the counter was bold enough to say to the delivery guy "so, I was looking good a few weeks ago because I had a meeting with you" - yes, the little lady fumbled a bit, but not too much, and with that being said, the flirting couple was interrupted with a door opening and off he went to continue his delivery schedule for the day.......

....What was going to happen today? The two weeks have passed and I have been so wishing that we got water more often - LOL - but today... 8:00 am hits and the door starts to open by other co-workers. Is he going to be early? I actually was getting nervous. My jeans kept coming down, man - I need to find some new pants. Pulling them up, fixing my hair. 8:15 am comes and goes. 8:20 am comes and goes. Just about 9:15 am one of my co-workers comes in and says - real quick - "you are looking good today" - eager to find out what happened today. Alas, he still had not arrived. At this point I TOTALLY know that I have a huge crush on this guy. Things go through my head - what if he doesn't come today, he must be sick, is today really delivery day, what the heck, did we pay the bill - will he delivery today...yes, these things did cross my mind, but in a funny way. 11:15 am, on the phone and the door opens - "Good Afternoon" I hear and I can't get off the phone quick enough. I want my time with the delivery guy. I am not going to miss the opportunity. (OH - and did I fail to mention, there were several times I had to go to the bathroom all morning and I totally thought I was going to miss his delivery - seriously). Questions start to fly - what's going on, where have you been - yes, it is close to afternoon, you missed the morning all together. Found out he was delayed at a major account....oh, well, good...as long as you came today, because our water was running low (giggle, giggle).

As I proceed to sign the delivery slip a hand slides to my side, a nice smile and the question...what was that comment about two weeks ago? Oh, he wants to know. I casually say - "you started it, I was just making sure you were aware of my smile each Tuesday" - or something like that. So, this is where it was my turn for my stomach to do flip flops (because now at this point I do know that he was a little shell shocked about my comment two weeks ago - but in a good shell shock way). He says - "so what are you looking for" - WHAT - OMG - did he really go there? Wow!!!! I would have never guessed that. Totally lost my tongue for a split second, but then found it quickly and I recovered....as we were both talking at the same time - don't want a relationship, would be nice to go out with a friend, heck - we need to get past the first 10 minutes and see if we like each other after 20 - maybe even 30....I was totally rockin' it out - I am not being pushy, but I so want to see what else he has to say.

At this point I figure it is just best to walk him out to his truck. My office space carries to every corner of the office and well, I was not interested in having the guys hear that I might be getting the chance to hear those words I have not heard in so long - would you like to go out  - now, now, now - hold onto your hats, that actually didn't happen.

We head out to the truck, banter back and forth a bit, he wonders what made me actually say what I said and I just told him I am ready to date again. My divorce has been over for many many years, the Internet nightmare of the married man and then the FBI cancer liar boy has finally healed, and well (without saying this part out loud) I am actually making the effort to let men know I am interested...

So, a little of this and a little of that and it was time to go - then he says - "we will exchange numbers soon". Now - my Mom would totally not agree with this next move, but I nicely ask for my delivery slip back and he wonders why. I just say - "I don't think I signed it all the way" - I proceed to put my number at the bottom and there you have it - being bold, but I don't think I was being too pushy. The good looking fella says, oh, I am so new to this and not sure how to go about getting your number, but thanks for that. I smile and gently say, "if I am being too forward, please let me know" and he totally says NO - (might we have a connection)...

SCORE one for the flirting couple. He says something, she says something back, weeks go by, 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there - if he calls, he calls, but I am not sitting by the phone waiting - because, well, come on, really...I just want to see what happens.

Of course, I had to share with my lady co-workers. I was dancing a Happy Dance. One of my co-workers was shocked that I took the time to go out to the truck - good for you and did he really say that?
Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance.
Again, if it does not go anywhere to a drink or a quick bite after work one night, then I am so ok with that!! All I can say is this - I totally know that he is interested, I am interested and it is just making me happy. I can't believe that I can actually make a connection without the internet, without being in a bar with a cocktail in my hand....this is so cool - flirting with a guy I think is cute and really, is this what this can be like? I can't remember if I have ever had this experience. It feels good. I feel young, refreshed, and I am smiling from ear to ear.

......Just wanted to let you also know, not sure if I will have time to post again until after Camp. Still drowning a bit, but I am doing things as they come and that is all that can be done. My neighbor saves me from time to time with a refreshing glass of wine, or just checks up on me - I have had a few meltdowns, lack of help BUT the one thing that does keep me going is that I truly enjoy doing camp for the Scouts - their smiling faces and all. I might not have time to turn myself into the Mad Scientist on Tuesday, but I will have accomplished a great task!!! 178 Scout and over 120 volunteers as of this evening - by Friday the 24th I will have slept in, taken the time to go for a massage and ready to get started on next years camp - LOL!!!

Staying MOtivated MO


Maria said...

Way to go, you! I could never have done that! I'm so proud and happy for you! I was grinning like a silly woman reading this whole post! Congratulations on making the moves!

Karen@WaistingTime said...

Well I missed all that led up to this but I sure enjoyed reading all the same. Good for you!!

Dawn said...

Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear about the water delivery man!
I love to hear you getting more confident about dating again, I LOVE to hear that you like this guy and he likes you.
It gives me faith and hope that there is life and love after divorce.
WONDERFUL news keep us informed

Mer and Mo said...

So happy for you MO! I am amazed by your confidence and how you handle every situation. When I grow up I want you be more like MO!
Giggling over here with excitement for you!
Can't wait to talk with you soon!

Karen@WaistingTime said...

Mo - Hope camp went well. I gave you a blog award:)