Tuesday, February 28, 2012

All over the place...

Time flies when you are having fun - or actually, when you are unemployed. I have been very busy. Had company for a few days. House to clean, Went to visit my older sister. Had a dinner to put on for the Scouts. Applying for jobs. Follow up doctor visits. Did many hours of volunteering, working on my sons schools box top mailing so they can earn money with Box Tops for Education, too. Keeping busy is good, but I want a set schedule again. Wondering how I got all of this "extra" stuff done when I did work fulltime.

Then there is the fact that my brother was in a terrible accident more then a week ago. He fell about 10 feet down from a cabin sleeping loft area (an area that is an open space above a family room) - I know he wishes he could say it was a terrible skiing accident, and it was in the Lake Tahoe area, but unfortunately he did not have those set of skies on - 5 am in the morning, venturing to the ladder and well, he mis-stepped. He did major damage to his body and it will take several months to heal. We are grateful that he is alive, can still walk and there does not look like there will be much long term damage to his body, but only time will tell. So, I have been dealing with phone calls, updating relatives via email, all the while feeling like I should have driven up to the Reno area to be with him. My little sis made the trip up and after 4 days they were able to transport him home, with the proper back brace contraption. I had a one day conference near his home this last Saturday and since this was a long term plan to visit, the timing was perfect. I am glad I was able to visit him and my sister-in-law for a little more then 24 hours. I was able to enjoy quality time with both of them, even taking their dog out on a good walk - more like a climb - as the hills in the park they like to visit is very steep - it was a good cardio workout for me. I even had a good laugh memory with him, as he reminded me of my father many years ago with dealing with getting him things he needed, laughed at his list he kept track of, asked me to take things down to the garage, helping him up off the couch and well, I know that he is for sure my father's son. Grateful for the support he is getting and glad that he is better then originally thought.

Here is the other thing about being unemployed (as this is my first adventure in this field) -  you never really have a set schedule. You use the small space heater more, as it is too expensive to run the full house heater all day. You know who the new dancers are on Dancing with the Stars (yes, I really do know). Your kitchen always seems dirty. There is tons of paperwork that you should have gotten to months ago that seems to grow and grow as you organize it. The laundry is not being done on a regular basis. This morning I knew that I needed to start having a more regular routine when my son said "Mom, how many days have you worn that sweatshirt?" - I asked if it smelled and he said, "No, but you have been wearing it a lot"....So - set schedule is the plan. Up early each morning, in the shower right after a good workout, tackling the "to do" list one step at a time and when I get called for an interview, I will deal with juggling my day as best as possible.

My follow up doctors appointments, that have me dealing with a heart flutter issue, thinking it was my thyroid causing me issues....well, now they have possibly found a blood clot issue that is described as my blood clotting up as it goes into the left ventricle and since it can't make it into the heart, it then heads into the lungs, thus making me feel like I sort of have to catch my breath, but then feeling a fluttering issue. I had two more tests last Friday, have a follow up appointment with my cardiologist tomorrow and he said that the worse case scenario is that I will have to get on blood thinners. With all of that news, I am having to get COBRA insurance - as if many of you might know, this type of insurance can put a huge dent into your checkbook, even with having a fulltime job. I do have leads on getting my own insurance that will save me, but that will take time to look into and make a decision...so that is something else I am dealing with.

Even with being busy and not keeping the calender straight I am doing pretty good with my losing weight journey. I have not given up completely, but I am struggling. Yes, I have been losing inches - as many of my shirts and pants are even loser in the last month, but I am still fighting and struggling to get rid of 5 pounds. I have many many more then 5 pounds to go, but I have been up, down, down, up for many months and just can't seem to get those darn 5 pounds to go away and stay away. My goals to get back to 100% on track:

  • Water in hand 24/7 - I have been neglecting it
  • Exercise at 5 am on 3 mornings a week 
  • Track my food using livestrong.com
  • A nice cup of tea before heading to bed - fills me  up and helps me avoid the nighttime snacking.
With all that news - yes, it is a lot to take on - I am doing my best. I have a great support, group of friends and my family, I have only hit a wall once, picked myself up and kept going. I am looking forward to seeing Mer this coming Saturday, as we come to the end of our eight week boot camp challenge. I might not be the winner, but I am going to finish strong!!!!!

Going to do my best to catch up on the blog reading, but for now have to go balance the check book, pay some bills, apply for another good job prospect I found last night and then I am going to take lunch to my son today - he will enjoy the visit from Mom!!! Wishing you all a great week - stay strong - keep smiling and life is what it is, make each day count!!

Staying MOtivated Mo


Chubby McGee said...

Oh, Mo! I've been wondering what's been up. I haven't heard from you in a while and I was worried. I'm sorry to hear about your brother. Geez! What awful luck. I hope he's on the mend again soon. Poor thing. :(

Also, I'm sending positive vibes your way. I want you to find an amazing job: SOON. You're on my mind and in my prayers.


Munchberry said...

My you are one busy woman! It is so hard to keep a schedule that is not forced on you.

I will keep your bro in my prayers. I tumbled down some stairs a number of years ago - head over heels all alone in the house. I could have laid there for a week or died. it scared the hay out of me and I was really banged up. Had to go to an interview for a job with a big black eye. I laugh thinking of it now, but I cried at the time and lemme tell you the giant bag under my eye from crying did not help the look of the purple bruise. They did not hire me. Just as well because I ended up getting a way better job.

Anyhoo, that just shows ya that even though things may SEEM like total crap, there is a reason for everything - no matter how painful or nonsensical.

Be well my friend and best of luck job hunting, laundry doing and with that pesky 5 pounds.

Michele said...

So sorry to hear about your brother. That was one awful fall. I am sending positive vibes to him via cyber space.

Now, you. I did not know you were unemployed. I am so sorry. Plus your own health issues. My Mo, your luck is bound to change soon. I am sendin you a great big huge through cyber space. Can you feel it?

Maria said...

I hope your brother heals up in record time! He can just tell everyone it happened while he was on a ski vacation, let them assume!

I'm sorry things are so challenging for you right now. But if you're not gaining while under all this stress, you are definitely winning! I went through 6 months of unemployment several years ago. The stress of dealing with the interviewing, COBRA, interview outfits, etc. was a lot! I know you can get through it! My prayers are with you!