Thursday, February 9, 2012

What is your Age?

Thanks to Roni over at Roni's Weigh for giving me something great yesterday. There is this website - Real Age - where you can take a quick (okay, it takes about 10 full minutes) test to figure out your age. Even if we are at age 30, you might really be 22 years old. With a good diet, exercise program and healthy living you can be younger then you really are, health wise. Recent seasons of The Biggest Loser television show (US) have the contestants meeting with a doctor not only to talk about their overweight health issues, but they have now added an age calculation. I was in shock and amazed at how some people were really age 45 and because of their weight / medical issues they are calculated at an age of 60 years old. That is 15 years. Wow!!! They then get re-calculated one or two more times during their transformation. It is wonderful to see them go down and even go down further because of what they are doing to their bodies in the weight loss / healthy living process.

Questions range from - What are you concerned about (health wise), to how much do you exercise, or what about what you eat, how many vitamins do you take, do you drink alcohol, smoke, been around second hand smoke, do you participate in weight training? There are four parts to the test - Health, Feelings, Diet and Fitness. Take the 10 minutes - see what your age might be. The website is free to subscribe and I am finding  that it has many other helpful tips that I can use to support healthy lifestyle. Thanks Roni for the tip.

I was so excited to take my own test, because Roni came up with a 8 year lower age range. So, maybe my age would be different for me too?? However, I knew for certain I was not going to have a lower age, oh, well maybe I was hoping for a drop of one or two years. Roni has been doing this healthy living lifestyle a lot longer then me, so her number is going to be better then mine. I for sure was hoping that it was not going to say I was 8 years older then I really am. I get compliments from time to time that I don't look as old as I am. In fact, one of my guy friends thought that I was another girl friends daughter and we had a good laugh over that because this other lady is only 9 years older then me. It must be the fact that I have really good looking skin - yeah, right - or my wonderful smile  - hey, I can think that way, right?

I have just finished a round of good health doctors visits, so I had some of my blood test results to help me with the test. (if you don't have the exact numbers, it allows you to select from high, average to low, but having the numbers helps). I was clicking away, answering the questions with little thought or more thought based on what was being asked. I had to make sure I was being honest, or the test would not be accurate. A yes there, a no here....the anticipation was building!

My current real age: 44.3

My age according to the Real Age website - 44.9

Older by about 0.6 months.

I didn't read the full extent of my results, as there was no real time to do so (and will go back to the website again), but I can already guess what the website will say...........

Of course, my weight - that is a given.

Incorporate weight training into my workouts.

More sleep (only getting about 6 hours right now, really should strive for 7, and of course 8 is the best)

Take a daily vitamin (that is daily, not just every now and then).

Floss more

Can't change anything about family history, but I can be aware of that history and make sure I am getting and staying healthy.

Get a hold of how I handle stress. (this I have been working on and I will say that the saying "it is what it is" helps me a lot lately - LOL - see, I am laughing, so that is a stress reliever, right?)

I was not as successful with my age being lower as Roni was (or for many of her followers, based on their comments). However, this result does give me something to work on. I am going to update it on a 6 month basis and see if goes down.

What is your age? Take the test - you might be amazed and surprised.

Staying MOtivated MO

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I'm Jackie... said...

Hey, thanks for the link and info. I think I'll give this test a go when I'm through working. Or not....Geez, I'm already a "senior." What if the results identify me as a fossil? I'll really be bummed. But then, maybe I can change the results and in six months be mistaken for a 30-something youngster again. Guess I'll just have to take the test. I'll be happy if I'm only 6 months older than my real age. I'll let you know. :)