Thursday, February 2, 2012

Trying to Figure it Out

Just a quick update - as my time is very limited today....

Think I might have found out what is causing me to just be "off" on certain days. Or maybe I am narrowing it down. My body is talking to me again. This past week I decided to cut out most of my carbs. No cereal, no sandwich bread, no tortillas and for sure avoid the pasta and rice. I am eating more vegetables, throw in some fruit (of course) and a combination of eggs and chicken have been in my diet this week. I have been exercising each day and have been feeling good.

Well, this morning I was craving some peanut butter, so I thought I would only have my carbs this mornings. Pulled out an english muffin, toasted it, added just the right amount of peanut butter. Added a small glass of milk and a banana. It was yummy.

However, just about the time I was getting dressed and preparing for the rest of my day, I felt that familiar off feeling that has been with me for the last month or so. The heart thumbing a little too fast for me, taking a moment to catch my breath, but not really catching my breath, sort of feel dizzy can't explain it "off" issue. It isn't that dramatic, but it is just something that is throwing me off. I have not felt that way in about 3 days. Could it be the bread I had this morning? I know it isn't the banana or the milk, because I have had both of those a few times this week. I don't eat peanut butter like it is candy, opps - I mean celery - (ha, ha), and I actually had some the other day at Mer's.

My doctor did say I had an enlarged thyroid, but offered no sort of explanation as to why it was enlarged. Could it be the thyroid reacting to the bread? It is a mystery right now. Trying to figure it out. If not breads in the last 3 days, but had some today, could that be the issue? Going to keep researching, ask more questions, might go to a specialist, sure I will find more help in this. I don't feel that I have to be on pills for my thyroid, because my blood work and other tests all came back fine. More things to learn about my body as I go through this phase.

Anyone out there that has an enlarged Thyroid experience any "funny" feelings when you eat carbs? Any resourceful links you recommend are helpful, too.

Staying MOtivated MO


Jessica said...

I have an enlarged thyroid. And I was experiencing some of the things you have described right before I was diagnosed hypo.
My body does so much better with fewer carbs!

Integrator said...

I read couple posts about your “enlarged thyroid mystery” and would like to ask you few questions
1) What was the size of it according to the ultrasound?
2) Does the whole gland appear to have increased blood flow?
3) How its echotexture looks like?
(You may want to ask for the ultrasound report)
Is thyroid elargement can be seen on the outside of your neck with head tilted back and during swallowing?
Get your TPO and TSI antibodies checked!

Mer and Mo said...

Lay off the carbs lady! And make that next appointment to see the doctor. This is becoming a pattern so now you can test it and narrow down what the real cause is. Anthony can do his science fair experiment on you! J/K! Talk to you soon!
Keep up the awesome work!
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

My doctor says that in the past the enlarged thyroid was considered a sign of female beauty:)