Wednesday, February 8, 2012

January with Mer and Mo

Okay, I did promise that I would talk about my short weekend visit with Mer. Well, it has been about two, where does the time go???

Friday night (1/27) there was to be a surprise party for Mer at her favorite Sushi spot. Her husband had set it up all, the email notices went out and a few text messages later I was very excited. One of our college dorm mates was going to join us, too. I did my 1.5 hour drive over and didn't even get lost at the last turn coming off the freeway (I don't like driving in the California Bay Area - too much traffic). Just moments after I arrived at the restaurant I decided to check my facebook account. I could not stop laughing because Mer had a post that said something like not feeling good, but not feeling bad, ever feel that way. I could almost for certain tell that she had had a rough week and was probably looking to relax. All the guests arrived and finally Mer and the family were there for the big surprise. Mer was in fact surprised. Even if she didn't feel like having Sushi at first, she totally changed her mind when she saw a room full of family and friends.

We had a wonderful dinner. I am not a sushi fan...just can't do it. I did, however, ordered the Mackerel Fish. There was plenty to share and I was happy to do so. Mer's sister ordered the special and it had tons of vegetables, that we also shared. It was a sharing kind of meal, as Sushi should be. Many laughs - including that the TV in the restaurant was playing the movie Hancock and it was in Spanish and had the closed caption going on on the screen. We enjoyed a Guava Cake from Mer's husband bakery (and she was happy to have her Mom take home the leftovers). We got to eat the Birthday Cake with chopsticks. That allowed me to avoid the frosting, for fear that it would fall all over my shirt because the chop sticks just didn't hold the creamy goodness together.

Saturday it was off to soccer practice for my god-daughter and with that Mer, myself and her son took a walk in the neighborhood. We stopped for coffee and chit chat at a local coffee shop. We then took an adventure and headed up the road to a freeway overpass so that we could wave at the cars going by down on the freeway. Mer's son is 6 and well, it was just wonderful to see the laughter and excitement on his face when we were hearing horns honk and many people were waving to us from their cars. I think I had the same excitement on my face, for this was the first time I had ever done something like that.

We headed to the local park so that the soccer team could have their run and then a jumba juice fix. More walking and talking. It was turning out to be a perfect day. Homeward bound left us the option of heating up left over pork and Mer did an excellent job of turning it into tacos. They were so yummy. She added a lightly seasoned batch of cucumbers, spinach and other greens into a salad. Her 14 year old and myself fought over some of the delicious greens.

I had to head home for a Scouting event on that was the end of our friend moment together. I really wish it could of been longer. However, we both realized that this was the perfect moment to recharge both of us. Not only did we get good quality friend time, but we got to see each others progress and encourage each other !! I can't wait for the next time to have more Mer and Mo moments!!

Sorry to say there are no pictures of us together. I don't know why, but it always seems like we are taking pictures of others....really need to do those progress photos (and Mer you know I am right).

Call your friend this week - catch up - take the moment to send her a card - it might just recharge you!!

Staying MOtivated MO

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E. Jane said...

So glad you got to spend some time together, and the surprise party sounds great! It's important to find the time for friends, even though it isn't always easy. Glad you have such a good friend.