Wednesday, February 1, 2012

MO-tivation is the Key!!

I sign my posts with MO-tivated, but am I really being MO-tivated everyday? No, I can honestly say that has not been the case in the last few months. When I stopped exercising on a regular basis I left my super dubber MO-tivation behind. The weather got cold and I lost my MO-tivation. I had those doctors appointments and felt that my MO-tivation went out the door. I lost the drive to have that MO-tivation in my life. But in the last week I have had to remind myself of the key to my weight loss success -

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MO-tivation is going to allow me to be better in so many ways!!! 
I vow to be MO-tivated each and everyday!!!

Since the beginning of January I have been dealing with my emotional state. As the weeks have progressed, it is getting much better. I know what the key was, but I just needed to turn it so that I can continue to walk through more doors of success!! TURN THAT KEY - I NEED to - I just NEED to. As warm as that bed is in the mornings, I NEED to get up. Get Dressed. Even sometimes sleeping in my workout clothes (thanks Mer for the idea) has helped. Having a walking buddy has helped. (I know we can't all have workout buddies, but by reaching out and trying to work out a plan with my neighbor this aspect has helped me so much). Even when I was not able to make it out this morning, I still took the time to put in 30 minutes of aerobics. My MO-tivation is back!!

Here are the keys to my MO-tivation Success to make Two Thousand and Twelve SWELL...........

MO-tivated to Exercise each day (even if I can only do 20 minutes)

MO-tivated to Pack my lunch each day - which means, I need to plan. Take the time to go grocery shop on a regular basis (don't let it go too long). Even if I don't have time, make the time - pick up the good for you things that will get you to the next full shopping day opportunity. Make a quick list that only allows you to shop the outside walls of the grocery store (most grocery stores carry the "good" stuff on the 4 outside walls - check it out, you can avoid the processed food section if you shop that way).

MO-tivated to Drink - Drink - Drink my water each day!!! I am having a race with myself each week. I mark the water bottle in the office and see how far it progressing each day (even if there are others drinking out of it, they are not doing as much as me, so that mark each day is a thrill that I actually made my goal).

MO-tivated to cut out the nighttime snacking. Always will be a struggle for me...working on it more and more each week.

MO-tivated to Go to bed when Aman does!! This is a truly truly hard thing to do, since I have a tendency to go to bed after 11 pm. I will need to work on this. At first I am going to do about 2 nights a week (Sunday to Thursday) and maybe work up to the full 5. Which totally means I have to plan. Working at my desk for 20 - 30 minutes a night while Aman is busy with his own stuff, will give me the time to catch up on my own large things to do, so that there is no rush in the future. I can be a procrastinator, so staying on task with this will be a challenge.

MO-tivated to Menu plan on Sunday nights. Even making meals ahead of time. Cooking meat on Sunday, or making that crock pot dinner a few days before will help with my hectic schedule. That way I have a plan and Aman can see what is the plan and he can help with the meals when we get home.

What is your key to success? Determination? Goals? Your own MO-tivation?

Staying MO-tivated MO


scrapwordsmom said...

Great post! YOu sure motivated me today! I haven't posted a thing in Skinny Me in 5 months...but I am back and ready to be motivated!!!

Your goals are mine...let's do this!


Dr. Fat To Fit said...

Staying Motivated is a challenge and I love your little tricks to help. I too sleep in my workout clothes sometimes and it does help. What a great post!

Maren said...

Motivation is like a big bucket of water with a tiny hole on the bottom. If you don't refill the bucket, it will run out.

So keep adding 'water'! :D

Munchberry said...

Those are terrific ideas. Terrific!

If I get super starved at night I cannot sleep. I decided to eat a half piece of fruit. or a couple dried pieces. My mood improved vastly not having to go to bed hungry.

I love esp. the idea of getting up and changed. START the day. When I worked I used to cut up a pile of veggies I knew I would use for cooking later in the week - cut my cook time by... a lot. I also did a lot of crockpotting. Saves sanity and calories.

Yay for motivation!

Christina said...

I need to run five days/week, pack healthy snacks for school, and stick with an earlier bedtime. Night eating is still a major struggle for me. Do you have any weekly menu planning tips? I want to menu plan when I finish school and start working.

Mer and Mo said...

@Christina - I am a terrible menu planner. Most of the time it is just what we have in the refrigerator, that is why I am trying to make it one of my goals. My son is easy to cook for - loves just the simple chicken, vegi and pasta combination...but I am getting out of my comfort box. However, if I write it down on Sunday then I have a plan, know when to pull something out of the freezer and I also do this before I go grocery shopping in case I have to pick up any extras. Hey - that might be the tip right there - LOL