Saturday, February 18, 2012

Who is in Charge?

Ok, the last week, I was stuck. I was stressed. I did not stick to my plan. I just couldn't. The MOtivation felt like it was just drained out of me like when you pull the plug in the bathtub and the water whirlpools down, down, down, down....
I did not get up for my workouts like I usually do. I did not pre-plan my meals like normal and I did not care. Do you ever have moments like this? No matter what I did I could not get myself to do any of it. At first, I just told myself "TOMORROW, I WILL", but tommorrow came and I did not do it. Then, I went through an angry day of being "MAD, MAD, MAD" , a passive day of  "OH WELLWHO CARES?" and finally the bargin day "OK, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!" My mind and my body was exhausted from being a mom, teacher, student, leader, wife, taxi driver, personal shopper, maid, gardener, housecleaner, laundry bitch and disciplinarian. No where in that list was caretaker for self. Now, I could keep complaining about it, but instead I am going to do something completely different-

 I am going to "GET BACK IN CHARGE!"  I was able to do this. This morning I got up and started the Couch to 5K program app on my itouch, and tomorrow I will get up to do this. I will keep doing the Supreme 90 workouts. Yes, I am going out of town for a few days, but I have to stick to my plan since I have to finish this 8 week challenge strong and it is time to upgrade the workouts since part of my lost of motivation was that I hit that plateau again. I watched a short video on how to get out of the plateau and one of the suggestions was to add some cardio to your workout. So I decided to do just that. 

Since I am on mid-winter break this week. I am going to get back the time that I wasted and really take care of me by exercising, tracking my intake and doing things that I want to do.  I still have to be a mom, student, and wife this week, but I am also going to be the caretaker of me! No one is going to stop me from that.  I am drawing a line in the sand and stepping over it to be renewed and re-committed to my goals. 

I am in charge of my do it now actions!
I am in charge of my food intake!
I am in charge of my daily exercise!
I am in charge of my can-do attitude!

Who is in charge of you?

Charging forward at full-speed,


Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

This is timely, Mer. Thanks.

Maren said...

I'm so glad that you could turn yourself around and that you're "back in it"! Losing motivation is so hard!

Michele said...

I'm in charge. Glad to see your game is on, to. Have a great week!

Mer and Mo said...

Great 45 minute walk with you this morning!!! Great to have you with me on this journey and know that I have support in many things that I do!!! Giving you TONS of MOtivation as you leave from your little visit with me!!