Friday, February 3, 2012

Happiness -

Happiness is putting on a shirt and it isn't tight anymore!!

Happiness is having to use a belt to keep your pants on!!

Happiness is being able to smile because I am feeling good!!

Happiness is your ring loose on your finger!!

Happiness is being able to go to the next hole on your watch strap!!

Happiness is enjoying that first, second....eighth glass of water without hesitating!!

Happiness is buying new walking shoes,
because you wore the other ones out!!

Happiness is buying a smaller size shoe because...
well, don't your feet lose weight, too?!

Happiness is enjoying getting up early so you can exercise!!

Happiness is being able to do 35 pushups without stopping!!

Happiness is doing a 30 minute workout and wanting to do more!!

Happiness is being able to do 100 balance ball crunches without complaining!!

Happiness is wanting to go for that walk during lunch time,
rather then hit the drive-thru!!

Happiness is having confidence that you are do this!!

Happiness is enjoying everything you are doing to make yourself be healthy!!!!!

Don't let the scale control your happiness!! Let the Happiness be with you for so many other reasons!!

Wishing everyone Happiness in their own getting healthy weight loss journey!!

Staying MOtivated MO


Karen@WaistingTime said...

Love it! And now I'm singing the Happiness song from the Peanuts.

Maren said...

Happiness is all of the above. It really is! This made me smile :)

Cee said...

Great list! Need to put that on the fridge for extra motivation :).