Sunday, February 12, 2012

Roller Coaster

It has been a roller coaster kind of weekend. I am up, then down, crying the next, ready to tackle the world at the next second, but then down again. I am sure those feelings will come and go until I find a new job.

The highlight of the last few days has been the fact that my resume was actually already updated on my computer. The only thing I had to change was my address and a date, so I was happy that I didn't have to do a huge daunting task. Then I did a cover letter that needs to be redone, but it did get done. I think I had a lead of sorts. Got a FB email from a friend that wanted to get my resume, so that has already been emailed out. I applied for unemployment. I did some other research on public assistance and until I know what I will be getting for unemployment I don't know if I can apply. I have had many messages of support and even think there is another lead of a job where I already know someone that works there (that can be good or bad, but it is a lead). I am confident that I won't be down for very long, but this is hard.

I have looked at my positives in this. I was stuck at my last job. There was no drive in me. There was not incentive from my employer to try harder, it was the same thing each day. This change will motivate me. Heck, I can get back to working in accounting, or processing contracts, or doing dispatching, or answering phones, or a personal assistant, maybe weekend catering, I even have a degree to go back to teaching or substitute teaching - the possibilities are endless. And yes, I am a person that will apply to McDonalds if I have to. Used to work at Baskin & Robbins Ice Cream  - maybe cake decorating is in my future again.

The working out is a good outlet for me. It keeps my mind busy, but not busy. Did a 45 minute walk with my neighbor on Friday, worked out for another 1 hour at my sisters gym. My issues with Saturday was the fact that I did not workout. I ended up going dancing with girlfriends late on Saturday and I was energized and feeling better after that, so realized that I should have done some sort of exercise on Saturday morning. Keeping busy is going to be my saving grace. I need to stay upbeat for not only myself, but for the health of my family life. My son needs me to stay upbeat. Yes, I will have my crying moments and not that I need to hide it from him, but it will make him support me more if he does not see the emotions.

So - goals for this week:

Workout each day for at least 1 hour a day
Keep staying positive
Apply to 10 jobs (if there are 10 out there)
Put my resume onto every job finding website - how many are out there
Stay strong - no matter what!!! (not sure I sound convincing on that)
Track my eating
Drink water, water, water.
Walk to pick up my son from school each day - that is 4 miles round trip - another good way to exercise and spend time with my son - that I am looking forward to.

Oh, and I have my stress test on Tuesday. I have insurance until the end of the month, so hoping they do not find anything more wrong with me at this point. I figured I should do the test to make sure that I am okay from head to toe. If I have to pay for my COBRA insurance at that point, then somehow the money tree will appear in my backyard.

Better get going - my CBS Sunday Morning show has been over for the last 45 minutes - much to do, plus have to count the Box Tops for my sons school - yes, volunteering will keep me busy, too!!!

Promise - still and will continue to -

Stay MOtivated MO


I'm Jackie... said...

Sometimes I think a job almost becomes a part of us and when we lost that part, we can't help but grieve the loss - not to mention worry about what we'll do next. I wish you the best. It sounds like you have many skills - at least marketable skills - and I would think that would help move you to the top of any employer's list. Good luck and I hope you have a week blessed with some GOOD employment and health (stress test) news!

Cee said...

Ugh, I am so sorry about your job, there is still too much of that! I hope you are able to find a new one quickly! You have great goals.

Maria said...

I've been in the same position before, Mo. It hurts a lot and it's scary. You've already attacked it harder and better than I did at the time, good for you! I'm so sorry you're having to go through this, but obviously God has much better in store for you!

Dr. Fat To Fit said...

Hang in there and keep working out. It's good for your body and mind! Good luck on your stress test. I just know something great is coming your way soon!

Anonymous said...

Mo, you might qualify for state funded insurance (maybe at least for your son if he is not otherwise covered). If you can sneak in the time to look into it...) Cheaper than COBRA. Once you start working again, you can drop it.

Glad you got your stress test. Chip away at what is going on. Positive moving forward and taking control of things. Good girl!