Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mindless Eater Caught!

Have you ever found yourself popping candy into your mouth without thinking? I caught myself doing this not once, but twice this week! That leftover Easter candy is in the house and usually I throw it away. This year I decided to work on my willpower. So far I have lost twice. Now, I am not going to let those jelly beans or milk chocolate eggs win. Food has no power over me. I make the choice. So I thought about it when I ate those jelly beans and I was busy making dinner when I mindlessly took a handful and started rifling them into my mouth. As soon as I caught myself I stopped, put them back and chewed some gum instead. Then, the second time while we were simulating the functions of the cell in Biology lab and M&M's was being given out as energy. I love peanut M&M's! Again I was challenged and I ate them happily even though I did not need it. So here is my plan to win the mindless eating-
S- stop when I catch myself mindlessly eating
T- think about what I really need
O- observe my emotions. Am I feeling glad, sad, mad or afraid?
P- plan for success. For me, always have gum since I need to chew on things when I am feeling stressed.
So what will you do when you catch yourself mindlessly eating?
Stay strong!
You can do it!
Never give up!


Mer and Mo said...

Great helpful tip - the STOP!!!! Just finished my workout...feeling good - wishing I could workout all day, everyday - too many other things in the way - but 30 minutes a day makes my day!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh I bet lots of people have been doing the mindless egg pop lately! I love the acronym!

I mindlessly graze post workout when I am starved. I ate about 200 calories in almonds before I realized what I was up to. Old habits die hard! Good thing MnMs are not in my house!