Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mind over Matter

That is what I figured out this morning. It is just my mind that is controlling me, but I just need to remember to keep in perspective what really matters the most!!! Mind over Matter!!

What matters the  most is making myself healthy. What matters most is losing the weight. What matters most is being around for my son in the years to come. What matters most is making sure I am around to enjoy life to the fullest.

Don't let my mind win over what matters the most!!!! I will not let my mind tell me that exercise can be done later, I will not let my mind tell me that eating that piece of pie will be delicious, I will not let my mind tell me that skipping out on 8 full glasses of water a day is not good for me - I am going to do what matters the most - making myself do all the right things!!!! NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!

Horoscope for today (Love to see when they make sense for me on certain days)

"You often take on so much that you feel overwhelmed by your life. 
Arrange things so that you can win. 
However small a victory may be, it proves somethings: 
You're a winner. If you can win small you can win big"

It was a great way to begin my day and I had a good giggle when my son cut it out and handed it to me before we walked out the door today (kids know you so well)!

Took in a good 3 mile walk this morning, too.

Mind over Matter.

Let the what Matters the most be the winner, and eventually your mind will not be so full of negative thoughts!!

MOtivated Mo

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Maren said...

Mind over matter is hard I think. Some days it's easy, some days it's like my brain has melted and I am just weight-loss stupid. :p