Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday - Monday -

Just getting ready to go tackle the yard - it is supposed to be 70 degrees today - not a cloud in sight - even with the down pour of rain we had for the last few days (we so need it).

Mer and I are still here - just been too busy to blog - and well, we are both truly missing it and need to get back into it - and well, there is no excuses - we just need to be working hard, keeping track and every now and then pop in to say hello. I am hoping to do some blog reading tonight!!! Missing so many of you and missing the support and the encouragement and well, just missing it!!!

Wish me luck on the lawn - this is the backyard (okay, part of it - double it and then do about 1/2 of that for the front yard - wonder if a riding mower might be beneficial - LOL)

but have to tackle the front first - (oh, and there is no bag on the lawn it might be an all day project) - contemplating using a bit of my tax refund on getting me a new lawn mower - okay - I know, I know - this is good exercise.

Have a great a super Monday!!!!

Staying MOtivated MO


spunkysuzi said...

The lawn looks so green :) Have fun!

Michele said...

Yes, great exercise. Glad you two are still here!

Anonymous said...

Rider SHMIDER! Look at the exercise you will get! LOL

Your lawn is so green!