Thursday, April 26, 2012

What you will Gain?

I just heard a commercial on the TV - it is on the background as I work on my computer (I am the kind of person that needs people talking in the room, the TV does it - then I don't really feel alone - LOL) -

okay - back to the commercial -

It was for the cereal Special K - I love this cereal - has the right crunch, better then getting Corn Flakes, and much more healthier then having Frosted Flakes,, but have not had any in years -

The commercial was talking about how more people lose weight when they have a morning meal - breakfast. Then at the end I hear the announcer say - a Closet that is like a Candy Store - made me think - that is true - turning to your new closet of smaller sized clothes...the possibilities are endless...

Then the words "what would you gain when you lose"

Makes me think of all the things that I will gain as I continue on the weight loss path -

I will gain more confidence
I will gain a better looking me
I will gain a wonderful new body
I will gain a new wardrope (being tired of the one that I have had for years)
I will gain a mile long smile each and everyday
I will gain more energy
I will gain the desire to do more, move  more and be more active

So many good things to gain while I am losing. What will you gain when you lose the weight?

MOtivated MO

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