Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mo's 5K Saturday

Friday night - a ride down to the Bay Area and the weather was wonderful. At one point I rolled down the windows, opened up the sun roof and I let my hair just go everywhere. It was like a wonderful spring day. Nothing like the 100 or 90 degree weather that we have had in the past. Heck, even ran into a cloud cover they call Fog. I had a relaxing moment doing my drive down to meet up with Mer for our 5K Saturday event.

Saturday morning was going to be a late start. We thought the 5K was early, but it didn't start until 10 am. We arrived at the park early and that gave us time to walk around, get warmed up, and have some Mo & Mer time - which was AWESOME.

I ran most of it. Well, what I felt was most of it. I could not keep up with Mer and the Boot Camp gang. However, I just kep saying in my head - 10 10 10 - as I ran I would count to 10 and then 20 and then 30 and then I would walk for a bit more. Then another 10 - 20 - 30, keep running. I can do this. I am not sure why I wanted to finish quickly, but I was determined not to finish with the rest of the walkers. Only about 70 participants and 95% were running, so my work was cut out for me if I wanted to not finish last. I felt good afterwards. Yes, my legs are still screaming a bit, but I was so proud of how I did. This was for sure nothing like the Red Wagon pulling 5K event that I have done at a Thanksgiving Walk in the past. Finished my 5K just a little less then 1 hour - great accomplishment for me.

Oh - and the best part - the shirt they gave me was an XL and it fit. I didn't even feel uncomfortable. It was an awesome feeling!!! Ready to do the next one with Mer or even one with my son or even one on my own.
This is me - WAY BEFORE the race - all fresh and ready to go!

A wonderful Park - the scenery kept me captivated!!

To be honest, I felt out of place. So many more were "smaller" and "stronger" then me
This is for JO - I tried my best to finish before the Mom with the twin stroller, but each time I ran she would run faster
She had an excuse - one of the twins was crying, she had to hurry - LOL

Mer after the turn around!!! Run Run Run

Coming into the home stretch - just about 1.5 miles to the finish

This is for McGee - she inspires me everyday with her motivation and drive to keep going
Hey - this is a pretty good picture and my face isn't that red
Yes, they were out of water at the end. This was very refreshing
(I did have my own water in the car)
Mer and Mo - before the Race

 Picture Time

Mo and Mer - after the race

 Saturday evening - dressing up to a Theatre event. My God-daughter in THE WIZ. Wouldn't you know it, she was camera shy. The evening was wonderful..

(I can't wait to get rid of that double chin or is that a triple chin)

I finished off my Bay Area part of the weekend with a visit to Mer's sisters Pilates Studio
Great workout !!!!!

Oh - and when I got home I had to clean out the backyard shed of Day Camp mess. I walked this strip of the backyard about 80 times - yes, that many. Organizing, trashing, putting 12 cases of water into the car to deliver to the next Day Camp this week, taking all the excess boxes out of the garage and put them into the shed. Man, I got some good exercise this weekend!!

My goal this week - getting the Elliptical out of the spare bedroom
Yes, all that mess is Day Camp stuff - more boxes to organize and put into the shed

Have to run - or I mean walk - heading out for a morning walk before work with the neighbor ladies. Getting things done this week. What are you going to accomplish this week - either in terms of weight loss or just because?

Staying MOtivated MO


Bruce said...

Nice run and way to get things done as well. isn't it great to have enough energy to do both?

Keep up the great work! I'm sure it's great to have a friend like Mer to share the journey with.

Dawn said...

You look brilliant how lovely to see your happy smile - I'm always inspired by ms McGee too and now you as well...I just love to see you and put a face to the name...and I'm smiling like a cheshire cat at your post....well done!!!

Chubby McGee said...

I looooooooooove this post! You did so well! I think I'm going to use your counting trick to help me when it comes to my 5K in the fall. And how cool is it that your t-shirt fit?! What a great feeling. I'm proud of ya! Loved the pics, too!

You rock!!!!

Mer and Mo said...

I love how the pictures turned out, MO! I can't wait to do the next 5K or maybe 10K?!?! We may have to work up to that one.
I bet the twin stroller mamma's goal was to stay ahead of the lady taking pictures while running.LOL!
Could not have wished for a better person to ask to join me in this journey! I can't wait to see my size 16 dresses on you. And I am sure it will be soon since you are melting before our eyes.
Always on the Move- MER

Jo said...

Beautiful course! Next time you will beat the stroller ladies by a mile. 10K? Are you crazy, girl? My legs are still sore and today I got a notice of the next 5K in a month. Oh my aching legs!