Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mini Vacation, Reality Check..nothing will keep me down!!

Mo Here - I have been on the go - on a mini-vacation of sorts. One of my sisters has a great vacation home in Lake Tahoe and well, when given the chance I will jump at it. As luck would have it, I actually did have some vacation time built up at work - so, what the heck, take the time!!

The weather was a bit frightful, but my little sis and I were going to brave the mountain driving with gusto. Up the hill we went and just as we thought we were in the clear we got stuck just about the summit. Two hours of sitting and thinking it was an accident, it really was the weather and they finally made a decision that we could move. But, wait - you have to chain up if you didn't have four wheel drive. Now, being California girls (yes, I was born on the East Coast, but that does not count), we pulled to the side and tried to make it work. We were so lucky to have some nice guy come and assist us with our chains. Less then 20 minutes later we were on the road. White knuckles for about 30 minutes, but we made it. (it really was not that bad, but remember we do not do snow driving at all) - did I mention that this "mini vacation" op was FREE, so turning back was not something we really wanted to consider.

As soon as I hit that entrance to the "vacation spot" I was READY!! There is something about getting off that exit and making the final turn into the development that I leave my "real life" behind. The house is fully equipped with dishes, a warm fire, comfy beds and a larger then life bathtub. The scenery is wonderful and there is a peacefulness all around me. I needed this time to relax and that I was sure to do. Enjoyed the snow filled Thursday morning, watched my very first Harry Potter movie, read a gossip magazine, slept in....should I go on and on??!! We even went shopping on Friday and I have a great post to share with you in a few days about that trip.

It is really hard to go home and deal with what hit me next. A huge dose of reality hit me at about 4:30 pm when I went to pick up my son on Friday night. I will not use my blog to "air my dirty laundry" and the fact that being a co-parent is very hard on me, but I will tell you that I really wish I was still on vacation. The rest of my weekend was very emotionally draining and I really don't think it has ended quite yet. Just one factor to note- my exercising is helping me stay focused, think and deal with the stress in a healthy way!!!!

Reality and vacation will not get me down. I kept up with my challenge!!!! Even with the Wednesday night snow issue, I did get in most of my 2 hour a day exercise. I think I am only down 30 minutes, because that snow chain trip didn't allow me to finish completely on Wednesday. The rest of the weekend I did well. A very long walk on Thursday made up about 60 minutes. Aerobic movements and couch side push ups while watching television...Saturday was a walk and yard work with my son and Sunday. well we are still selling Cub Scout Fundraiser popcorn and that workout included about 2  hours of walking and pulling a full wagon load of "supplies" to sell. I am still Mixing it up and having fun with this months challenge.

Here are some pics from my trip - enjoy!!!

Staying MOtivated MO

Thursday morning greeting - snow all around!!!

My little "home away from home"...mid-afternoon Thursday - all of the snow is melted

The view...relaxing

Another view...peacefulness

This was at the mall we paid a visit to on Friday - love this - a Fish made out of Fish


Christina @ Just Running said...

Oh, Mo, I am so sorry to hear that you came home to a rough situation. Single parenting is ALWAYS tough, and having issues with the other parent makes it tougher. You get BIG HUGS and understanding from me.

I'm glad to hear you had a great vacation! I am so proud of you for keeping up the exercise. You are awesome!

Google hasn't been letting me comment on your page, and this is my third attempt today. Fingers crossed...

Michele said...

Yes, there are many benefits to this journey and one is being more focused. Good for you. Excellent. It IS hard to be a co-parent. Glad you resorted to healthy choices. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures. Here is a cyber hug to keep you going! Do you feel it?? Here it is again!! Have a great week! michele

deanna said...

Beautiful pictures. Encouraging to hear how you handle your stress. Keep focused on what is important.

Maren said...

Hi Mo!
First of all thank you for stopping by my new blog. Like I said there I really need all the support I can get. :) It's difficult to start something that feels so.. huge and .. seems to be impossible.

Anyways, it seems like you had an amazing vacation (yes, you may pick up on a tiiiiiny bit of jealousy in my voice :p)... Sorry to hear that reality slapped you in the face though! I don't have children, but my parents are divorced and I've seen co-parenting difficulties from that side. It wasn't always easy, but we were all okay in the end. I hope that is the case for you too!

All the best,
Maren in Norway

Carla said...

I love Lake Tahoe. I am so homesick, thank you for posting the beautiful photos. I lived near there for 15 years. Beautiful!