Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oh Where, oh where has our little Mer gone?

You are all probably wondering where I was? You were probably wondering what I have been doing? You were probably glad to get little updates from MO.
Well, all I can say is my life is CRAZY! My life is BUSY! My life is so FULL!
CRAZY because I am working long hours and taking a Chemistry course that is kicking my butt! I am crazy because I love the work I am doing and I love learning Chemistry!
My personal life is BUSY! Both kids are at new schools, and with that comes new activities and new people to get to know and work with. Again, it is important work to support my children in their education, but it takes so much time!!!
My life is so FULL with morning workouts at the park with the bootcamp ladies who bring a laptop and we workout together, Sunday morning workouts at my sister's Pilates studios with two other girlfriends and I have learned to sleep in on the other days. It's so nice to get a full night of sleep when I am not doing Chemistry homwork. It is also full because I have friends and family who support me as I go along my busy, crazy week so fortunate and blessed to have that in my life.
But this crazy, busy, full life taken center stage and my weight loss goals have taken a back seat. I have been losing and gaining the same 3 pounds since school started. I am between 163-166 pounds. I have stayed a size 10. But something needs to change so that I can get to my goals.
  • Time to RENEW DAILY my committment to myself. I will lose this weight and I will never give up until I get to my goal weight no matter what.
  • KEEP COUNT of all calories eaten and measure everything. I lose the weight when I am aware of how much I have been eating and when I control my portions
  • BE ACCOUNTABLE to my exercise groups 4 times a week. I will meet the bootcamp ladies at the park 3 times a week and I will go to Pilates on Sundays.  I always feel better when I exercise. My body craves it and I need it!
  • KEEP VISUAL TALLY of Halloween candy don't throw away wrappers so you don't just keep eating them because they are "snack size."
  • NEVER GIVE UP! I make mistakes somedays and start indulging on a treat. Then, I think-"Oh well. I start again tomorrow." NO, THIS WILL NOT DO! I will stop, refocus and get back on track.
  • ASK FOR HELP- I told my husband how he can help me on this journey and this has made all the difference.
  • MY EMERGENCY PLAN is in place. I have a stash of sugar-free mint gum so when I pause of a moment to realize that I just want to eat for eating sake not to nourish and feed my body. Then, out comes the gum so that I can chew on something instead of reaching for that sweet or going for seconds. 
So who knows when I will be able to post again.  I am here and I think about you all when I step on the scale and I wonder how you are doing.  I hope I get a chance to read some blogs soon, but it won't until after my Chemistry midterm next week. 

Until then...

Always on the move-


Maria said...

Well, do you really think being busy is an excuse to stay away from us? Do you really now??? HUH?

Yup, I do too. Hope things slow down for you, hon!

I'm Jackie... said...

Wow, Mer. You ARE one busy lady. Your excitement and "zest for life" is contagious. Enjoy where you are at this point in your life and remember the Power of NOW. And Halloween candy? You're on your own for that one...Good luck with everything and it's great to "catch-up" now and then.