Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Screams, Spooks and Scary Moments

Saturday night I had the pleasure of going to a Amusement Park with Mer and her daughter (my god-daughter). We were "chaperoning" 7 other teenage girls, but Mer and I got lucky and we didn't really have to be at their side all night long. That gave Mer and I the chance to do some stuff on our own. I will say that we had an AWESOME time. I have done Disneyland, but I don't think of that as much roller coaster action. I have tried to take my son to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk a few times this last summer, but something as always gotten in the way. This was going to be my first real roller coaster action in more years then I care to count. A bit nervous....

It was a Halloween Haunt event. People dressed up in costumes hired by the Park where they "entertain" you. Jump at you, scare you and make you scream. They not only had rides open, but many areas of the Park had mazes and haunted house attractions to keep you on your toes throughout the night. As we entered the gates there were ghosts, goblins, scary men and even a Wizard of Oz witch that was "floating" past us. I am not a big fan of the Spooks and the Scary, so I did my best to just walk quickly out of the "line of fire". Did the same as we would venture around the Park and hit the "FOG" filled areas that would then allow the spooks to jump out at you without knowing which way they were coming from. If you ran, they ran after you - so we had all agreed to not be a "runner". If you didn't make eye contact and they didn't see that you were scared, then you were good to go.

....the scary monsters were not that ghoulish for me, but as Mer and I ventured to our first ride I realized that I was going to have another scary moment. Would I be able to fit into the seat? What about the seat belt, would it fit? What about that shoulder harness, will it fit? Would they ask me to get off the ride because I was too big? Had some scary moments floating in my own head.

The first ride was somewhat of a challenge, as I found myself just carefully getting into the car and even when getting out I was afraid of falling. Am I really able to maneuver this without having people notice me having a bit of trouble? I did it without any real trouble or even a scream. Laughter, screams and more laughter was a perfect beginning to our night. We headed over to the Demon. This required a shoulder harness and a seat belt. I panicked for a moment - the seat belt - does it come up? Oh, No - it does not!! Oh, wait - yes, it does!! I thought that the shoulder harness had to go all the way down to meet up with the belt. A bit of a scary moment. We again laughed, screamed and laughed some more as the Demon headed up and around and around and up and over and under (all in the dark - that is scary if you are not a roller coaster fan). The lady in front of us said the ride was the best because she got to listen to us having so much fun. Getting out of the car was not as bad as I thought, either. We did a handful of other rides and even concurred one together where we actually sat in the same car together and went round and round and round. We both almost lost our gum because we were laughing so hard and Mer was trying hard to not get thrown into me as we kept spinning around. Oh, and we both did do the DROP ZONE, where you go WAY WAY WAY up high, wait up at the top for about 30 seconds and they DROP you. My legs went up in the air, I was lifted up off the seat a bit, even with me snuck in my harness, and that made me SCREEEEEAAAAAMMMM the loudest. Mer was like a kid in the candy store - she loooooovvvvesss that ride. Mer even got me to climb up on the tallest horse on the Ferris Wheel. I had to use a lot of my upper body to make that happen, and almost a scary moment to think I might have not been able to do that some 8 months ago.

We finished off the night watching a Drum Percussion Band (Blood Drums) that uses garbage cans, metal objects, tin cans, plastic buckets, old gas cans and so much more to make rock and roll, dance to the beat of the music moments. We danced and I didn't feel silly. Feeling good about my Scream, Spook and Scary night - I concurred my own monsters and am feeling good!!!! I didn't feel uncomfortable in the harness, and the seatbelt fit. Feeling good and ready to keep dropping more weight so I can do another round of roller coaster scary fun!!!!

Staying MOtivated MO

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Maren said...

Sounds like a great outing! Not sure I'd love being scared all the time though :D