Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A need for a "snack"

I ended up working from home today. I never get to work from home. In fact, it really is not possible to do so without packing up tons of paperwork, supplies and such to even be able to work from home. However, there is a project I am working on that requires me to look up information on the Internet. I have been "googling", "bing"ing it and just searching high and Internet wide for the light at the end of the tunnel for this project. My boss did tell me that this project would be time consuming and a bit eye numbing!!

I am at home because my Aman has come down with some small virus. It started on Friday, but nothing that I was too concerned about because it was just one incident per day until about last night. The Bad Mommy in me had him drink orange juice this morning and I think that was the final straw - the phone call from the school and after a very rare (we never go) trip to the doctor, one shot later to control the nausea and my little one is a bit better. We have been kicking it at home most of the day. I do hope that he can go back to school tomorrow.

The only problem I am having is this urge to snack. I sit behind a computer all day at work and never really have a need to snack. I guess it is the comfort of home that is getting to me today. I am craving something crunchy, salty, even sort of carb filled.

I am doing my best to control the urge. We don't have any chips in the house, so that is good, but we do have Salsa and crackers - could make it work. We have plenty of popcorn, that is never an issue. But, yum those pretzels would be kind of good right now.

Instead of reaching for a salty, crunchy treat I made sure I went with a cottage cheese & pair selection. Then I stopped. I grabbed my trusty glass of water and am making sure it is being sipped all afternoon. 

The mind game I have going on will not win. I have my workout to finish later today, the house can be cleaned, laundry to do and many other projects. Oh - and the Biggest Loser is on TV today - tons of motivation all around me!!! No snack food will hit my lips today!!!

Staying MOtivated MO


Christina @ Just Running said...

Aww, I hope your little guy gets well soon! That urge to snack is AWFUL. I am so bad about eating to distract myself from stress. It sounds like you did well and made a healthy choice!

Maren said...

Speedy recovery and well wishes from me! :)

Well done on not giving in to the snacking desires! You know, a few times I've had to brush my teeth in order to stop myself, but that usually helps. It just doesn't seem as tempting after I've done that!

Mer said...

Wow you have such willpower! Good for you! When I am weak I chew on some sugar free gum so I can chew on something.