Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year Cards!

I was terrible at getting out Holiday cards this year so decided with my teenage daughter to do Happy New Year cards. We usually do a Top Ten list like David Letterman style, but this year with all the difficulties we were having a hard time coming up with the top 10 so instead we decided to do Top 5 achievements of 2012 and Top 5 predictions for 2013. So here they are-
Greetings from the Mer’sfamily-
TopFive Achievements of 2012:
5. Husband is the Vice President of Happy Hollow Park and Zoo Foundation Board!
4.Mer got a new job with a National Science Foundation Grant working withdistricts all across the SF Bay Area!
3. Daughter and her team went to Knoxville, Tennessee for the AYSO Nationals Tournament!
2. Son became a first grader and a Cub Scout!
1. We got a bunny named Tribble!

TopFive Predictions of 2013:
5. My son will learn he is wizard when he goes to Europe this summer on anelementary school field trip.
4. Daughter will turn 16 and be chosen as the next Avatar from the Fire Nation by theFire Sages.
3. Husband will witness the shooting of a Navy Cop and have to go to Gibbs forquestioning.
2.Mer will read Hunger Games and finally understand all of Kate’s references tothe book.
1. Son will be in 2nd grade and daughter will (hopefully) get her Driver’sPermit.

May2013 be prosperous & successful!

Much Love,

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