Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tea, Water and Veggies...

...are my friends this week. I need them to be by my side all the time. I am trying very hard to get back on the main Band Wagon in this weight loss journey and it is very hard. I am keeping myself busy, but if I was back to work I think it would be easier. I am trying to have a set schedule and was hoping with the New Year that I could do such that - but no such luck. Still looking for work - coming up with another plan of action to get the paychecks rolling in. We are already two weeks into the 2013 and I am not doing what I know I should be doing.

Taking it all one day at a time...............that is for sure, but I know this - keeping my list handy...

No Soda's
Limit and cut back on processed foods
Water - Water - Water
No Fast Food
Keep Track of my eating
More Veggies
Stay away from the Munch Munch Munch Monster............

The Munch Monster - the worst. Came at me this afternoon. I was so tempted to open up the chips and just have a "few" - that's right - we all say it from time to time - "just a few". Well, I destroyed that Munch Monster today - cup of water has been with me all day.  (that holds 2.5 glasses at a time) is filled and handy and almost empty in a short span of an hour so I can get the next cup filled and ready to drink.

In addition, I am keeping myself warm and full with a nice glass of Hot Tea when the water is not doing the trick. Then when the Tea was not enough, I pulled out a small bag of carrots and made sure I didn't add Salad Dressing to dip them into and I had a nice munching lunch.

Dinner was topped off with another glass of Hot Tea to fill up what I felt was an empty stomach. And I am finishing off my 8th glass of water as we speak before heading to be in about 1 hour.

That is what I need to remember - Tea - Water and Veggies - they will keep me full, I won't go overboard and the best part - the Hot Tea is keeping me warm - can't seem to warm up, so that must mean I need to exercise more - LOL

Working slowly on getting back into the "saddle" again. I will do this - I know I can - I will!!!

Wishing you all a most wonderful, marvelous week!!



Biz said...

I usually do fine drinking water at work, but on the weekends, its the first thing to go - not this past weekend - you know what I told myself?

You can't have a glass of wine until you get all the water in! It worked! :D

Mer and Mo said...

Keep up the good work at keeping the munch monster at bay.
We got a blender for Christmas and decided to try to get more fruits and veggies in my diet as well so I did something that I said I would never try. I threw in veggies into my smoothie! Spinach, carrots and today I tried kale. Texture is a bit to get use to, but not bad and it fills me up with healthy stuff too.
You got me on the water. I will keep my glass filled the rest of the day.
Love ya!

spunkysuzi said...

One way I get my water in is to make myself drink a glass before I can have a coffee :) I really want that coffee so the water usually goes down pretty fast!
I'm also working a lot less these days and have to make sure I don't eat when bored.

kristan watson said...

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