Monday, January 7, 2013

Quote of Week 2-

I looked up the word "believe" and here is what I came up with-

  • to have a firm faith   
    • I believe that I can reach the goals that I set for myself in the new year.
  •  to accept something as true, genuine or real 
    • I believe I am a kind, responsible person filled with gratitude.
  • to have a firm conviction as to the goodness, efficacy or ability of something  
    • I believe in exercise and eating healthy.

So this week I am going to focus on believing that I can be self-aware by being proactive.
Here are the statements I will say to myself this week to help me-

I believe that I can be..

...more patient
...more wise
...more cooperative
...more creative
...more loving
...more resourceful
...a problem solver
...filled with joy and gratitude
...a more giving person
...more respectful
...a hard worker
...more focused
...better listener
...more disciplined
...more organized
...more communicative
...respectful of time
...more thoughtful

What do you believe you can do?



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