Friday, August 3, 2012

Step One, Step Two...

I have decided that I want to take this weight loss journey on a day by day basis. I am not jumping in to the deep end of the pool with my eyes shut. I am taking things little by little, but moving in the right direction.

First step - Exercise:

My first day back on track I made sure I did a good 30 minutes of working out. I was at my sisters pool - very refreshing on a 102 degree day - and while in the pool I went up and back and back and up several times. I worked my arms, legs and made sure I kept moving for a good 30 minutes. I felt really good. Her pool is not really big enough to do laps like the Michael Phelps laps, but I was moving. We then took a good 45 minute walk later in the evening. It was good to get out and get myself moving.

Second Step - Water:

For the last few days I am forcing - yes, sort of have to force at the moment - myself to drink all of my water each and everyday!!! Making sure I am drinking water rather than milk, diet soda, juice or anything other then water!! I have been avoiding this liquid refreshment for one reason or another. But, when I do sip on this cool refreshing item my body starts to feel better. I love my water nice and cold, but not with a huge amount of ice. The water has to be chilling in the refrigerator. My Brita pitcher is going to get tons of activity this week for sure. I have also found my favorite water bottle again and am determined to fill it a good 4 times each day. That is more then enough H2O for me, since each full bottle is 20 ounces of water. Four times 20 = 80 ounces of water. With working out and the need to keep my body hydrated it is just the right amount of water for me. I am for sure getting in my full 8 glasses of water and then some. My skin will feel better, my sinuses will thank me, and I will be helping out my insides with keeping myself "clean". Yes, at first I will have to run to the restroom more often then before, but again it is my bodies way of saying "Thank You" for taking the time to keep my hydrated.

Stay Tuned - more steps to take...up the ladder dropping the weight until I get to the top!!!


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Mer said...

So smart to take it one day at a time! Keep it up! We can do this!