Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fact or Fiction

I have been struggling with this notion of "What is fact?" and "What is fiction?"  I think of Dragnet and Sgt. Joe Friday saying, " All the better to get the facts, ma'am."   This is so true when sifting through your mind and making decisions based on facts. So a fact is I need to lose 30 pounds, but the anxious fear of getting there and the changes that need to happen is the fiction part that I struggle with. The fiction is the insecurity that things may go awry in life, the what ifs, not actual and factual life circumstances.
So it is the habits of insecurity is what I have to work through.  I had a conversation about this with Mo this past weekend that it is my issues with "perfectionism" that paralyze me in moving forward with the facts.
My own fictional-feeling issues get in the way. It is the doubt, the fears, and  the negativity that cloud my mind and stop me from what I need to do.  A feeling is not fact. The fictional thought of not reaching my weight loss goals, not making positive changes in my life, and not ever being happy is not productive thinking because I can't know the future. I don't own a crystal ball or at least one that works. This insecure fiction-feelings I have is treated as my predictions and anticipations as factual revelations.  They are not true, not facts.  So, "Unless and until you can verify something, treat it as fiction. (Luciani)"
It is my interpretation of the facts and fiction that get me in trouble.  So, I am learning to ask myself-
"Am I reacting to fact or fiction?" Until I deal with this in my life I will be troubled by my own distortions because of my own insecurities. If I don't I will not move forward beyond my own confusions.  I will get stuck in the fictional feelings in my head.
So I have to keep myself in check when it comes to dealing with these insecurities.  My own action will be to list the facts and fictions of this healthy lifestyle change.  And to focus on "just the facts, ma'am" that will get me to trust myself a little more in being able to reach my goals.  By doing this I will find factual clarity and this will help me take the leap of faith to do this healthy lifestyle change once and for all!
Facts only here,

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Mer and Mo said...

GREAT POST!!!!!!! You will get there!!!