Wednesday, August 1, 2012

297 Days to Go

Hello All - Mo Here - I am still around, but for the past few weeks I have been enjoying a bit of a vacation of sorts. I am not sure if being unemployed can be considered a vacation, because, well you are supposed to be looking for work. I am doing just that. Dropping off applications, emailing resumes, making sure I have an updated Typing Certificate, then to find out that I should have First Aid for another job. Sometimes I wonder how much it costs to actually be looking for work. While doing all of that I was enjoying some relaxing time. Guess that is the beauty of technology, you can apply for a job at midnight and walla, hopefully you will get an interview (hey, one can hope) all while being on "vacation".

My son has returned to school and it is time for me to return to my blog. I have let it go for many reasons - and well, I have been missing it. Been busy with this and that. Tired of being on the computer for 8 hours looking for work and then having to blog about how tired I am. And yes, I will admit, I have been avoiding the blog because I have not been honest with myself. I have not been watching what I eat - actually I do watch it go into my mouth - does that count as "watching". I have pretty much stopped exercising and I can tell. I have not been motivated. I have been lazy. I have not been willing to make my lifestyle change a permanent change. That is neither here or there....time to stop this pity party.

Last week we were heading home from a three day rest in Lake Tahoe. It was a wonderful way to end our summer in style. Hours in the pool, wonderful weather and we even paid a visit to Donner Lake to look at some of the history of the Donner party, made a sand castle at the water's edge and made a trip around the nature trail - was amazing to see 22 foot "stumps" (yes, I said 22 feet) that shows you how low they actually could go to cut the trees to make their winter homes - the snow drifts were that high. The history of California is so exciting to me!! But, I have just gotten off track....back to my we were heading home we past a Water Park. I found myself saying to my son that "next summer we will go there" and I feel that I was having a DE JA VUE moment. (did I spell that right??). I know I said the same thing last summer. I felt myself lying to my son. I promised it last year and no, money was not the reason we did not go this summer. It was my weight.

I am not happy with how I am - how I look in the mirror - how I feel in general - where I am in life. So, it really is time for a change. If I can't get a job, then why should I not be doing more for ME!!!!!
I DO WANT to be in a smaller swim suit. I DO WANT to have the weight come off. I DO WANT to run and play with my son without getting winded. I DO WANT to do a 5K and be happy with my results. I DO WANT to be happy with how I look and feel - not only on the outside, but on the inside!!!!!!!

Thinking about my son's school calendar, I now have 297 DAYS TO GO to make a difference in my life. (yes, I am counting the holidays, weekends and many other not in school days). Making positive (and negative on the scale) changes each day until school ends on May 24, 2013. I don't and would never expect to be at goal in those 297 days, but I will be well on my way to goal and that WATER PARK will be our first fun 2013 summer day. As day 297 comes and goes I will continue to work towards my final goal AND FOR SURE will have hit many other goals along the way. 297 DAYS TO GO to make myself happy with my weight again. 297 DAYS TO GO to make it happen for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More to come and very excited to share with all of you again!!!! BIG HUGS!!!



Mer said...

You can do this! I will be there at the water park with next summer!

Chubby McGee said...

Glad to see you back!

While you can't control possible employers calling you for a job offer, you sure can control your move towards health. Go for it, Mo! You can do it! You WILL do it, too.

Plus, I have this weird feeling that you'll find a job as soon as you start focusing on something else. Good luck!

hugs and prayers!

Carla said...

Hi Mo! I'm glad you're back! We are in the same boat. I stopped blogging for all the same reasons. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things myself.

As an aside, have you been to the Viewing Chamber at Lake Tahoe Visitor Center at South Shore? They have a Salmon Festival there in October. It's at Taylor Creek when the Kokanee (sp?)salmon are running. It's very interesting. I used to live in Carson City and took my grandson up there often. I love Lake Tahoe.

I'll be right here cheering you back on. Carla

Anonymous said...

We used to go to Lake Tahoe in the summer when I was a kid. Our friends had a cabin up there. Water skiing all day long. That was forever ago.

296 days is plenty of time to honor the really cool commitment you made to yourself. I completely get not wanting to lay it all out for the folks at the waterpark. AND I kknow that sad feeling that accompanies it.

Be well my friend and good luck in the job hunt. Cali is hard.

Mer and Mo said...

Thanks everyone for the encouragement - it means so much to me!!!