Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Exercise Equipment Review

The other day I had a comment about my punching bag. Yes, I have a punching bag in my garage. If you know me well and some of the issues I have to deal with, then you know that this punching bag gets a good workout from time to time. I wrote about it in this Post. I find that if I put in a load of laundry, then 45 minutes later the laundry is in the dryer and I have gotten in a good workout. Sometimes I take the time to jog around the car in the garage so that I am mixing it up, too. My arms feel so energized afterwards.

I was also asked the other day about my balance ball. I love love love my balance ball. I took a private session from Mer's sister some months back to help me get some good ideas about how to use the balance ball to my advantage. I wrote about my first real workout with the balance ball on this post. I was so excited to have one balance ball, that I purchased another one. However, that didn't last long when we all heard the Boom some months back. I find that I use the balance ball when I have decided to take in a movie, or just kind of hang out in the family room with my son as he is watching television. My home office desk is in that same room, so it is always hard to focus on what paperwork has to be done when the whole time I hear my balance ball calling my name. I do find that the ball is somewhat low for me to use at my desk, but I will pump it up a bit to give me that added lift and use is as my chair. There are bigger balance balls that you can purchase, and I have contemplated getting another one soon. The reason I love this one exercise equipment is that I can do my crunches with ease. I feel the pain in my abs and legs for days after. By adding the balance ball to my weekly exercise sessions I see more complements. Even if I have not lost any more weight since July I am getting toned and my body is taking on a whole new dimension.

It feels good to do just the little things and get such big results. What type of exercise equipment do you enjoy using - at home or at the gym? Or are you more of a runner / walker and the great outdoors is your exercise equipment?

Staying MOtivated MO


Maren said...

I go to the gym regularly, but I also have a step box and some manuals at home to have small exercises with :D

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Thanks for the explanation about the punching bag!

justein clark said...

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