Friday, March 18, 2011

Punching Bag of Fun!!!

If you have read my blog or are family, even a friend, you are well aware that I have a lot of Hand-Me-Downs, borrowed, begged and just plain given to me things to make my house a home. My house was bought from a good friend, much of my furniture is from my family (ok, about all but 2 items), even my lawn mower was free from a friend, too. Well, that is the case with some of my exercise equipment.

Back in September I received a punching bag from a friend. At first we thought we could hook it up somewhere in the garage, but I really don't have rafters that show - so I was going to need the stand - on the floor the bag sat. In December I was finally able to get the stand and well, one thing after another has kept me from putting that stand together - busy, too cold in the garage, I can't do it by name it, I have avoided it and well, just needed to do it.

This past Monday  - my first Monday off from my son since January. He is gone for the week because of his school Spring Break. The tides turn while he is on vacation and I get him on the weekends - love my custody schedule when it comes to this - then I get good quality time with him on the weekends and don't have to worry about homework, meetings and well, if you are a parent you know what I mean. So, I have the week off - week off where I don't have to wear my Mom hat - time for me!! Monday it was - tackle that pile of nuts, bolts and stuff - put that punching bag together.

I did it all by myself. Screws went in - the tools were put to use - a little bit of confusion, but I did it in about 1 hours time. The funny part was trying to get the bag onto the hook - can't lift it that high by myself. So, a large sturdy storage container was first, that wasn't high enough, so I added another smaller box on top - it was funny to watch me try to position the bag in just the right way to get it to the right level - hooked up the hooks and the moment of truth - would this work - oh my goodness, don't let this bag fall on my feet - I pulled out the first box - down the bag went - locked into place - it worked - it worked!!!! WOO HOO!!!! Now for dinner, boy that was a workout in itself - laughing out loud....this is pretty much what it looks like...

Ringside Heavy Bag Stand

Well, luck would have it - just less then 2 hours later I realized that I set up that bag in the nick of time!! One of the worst (in over 6 months) phone calls with Lemon. I won't and will not go into details - because you really have to know me better to understand that my phone calls with my ex are not out of anger, but pure frustration. I will say this - afterwards I felt very empowered!!!! Glad that my friend in Arizona knows my pain and was there to help me celebrate (and hear only one quick cry) - love her for that - and glad that we can talk about her Spring Cleaning all in the same phone call!!

Ok - Ok - back to the punching bag....

Tuesday morning - Time to Take out my Frustrations (I mean, have a good workout) - 5:30 am - I got up out of bed excited. I had treated myself at Christmas with the gloves as a gift and my family laughed  - many wonder if I will put a picture of a Lemon on the bag (but I don't want my son to know). I started a load of laundry and thought this would be a good time frame to do my workout - when the laundry was done, I was done! Now, I won't say that I was Floating Like A Butterfly or Stinking Like A Bee like Muhammed Ali or even had the speed like Sugar Ray Leanord, but BOY DID IT FEEL GOOD!!!!!!! Jab, hit, smack - I kept my legs moving the whole time and when I got tired of hitting I would do a few good laps around the car in the middle of the garage - heck I even jogged a bit. I hit the heck out of that bag - over and over again!!! Boy, did it feel GOOD!!! I not only realized that this was a great workout for my whole body, but it was going to help me with stress, having a change up to my workout routine, get me motivated to do more and well, make me look GOOD!!! It has helped with work this week - the most on the go, don't know when it is going to stop kind of work week I have had in a very long time - glad that the punching bag was there to help - did several workouts with it this week!!

I am truly grateful for my borrowed (and hoping to keep) Punching Bag of Fun!!! You are going to see a new woman soon - stronger, thinner, fit and able to handle stress at a moments notice

Staying MOtivated


Mer and Mo said...

That new woman is already here! Her body just has not caught up yet!
Boy, if I had known that all I had to do was get you a punching bag than I would have bought one for you years ago! LOL!
So glad that you are having so much fun working out! I can't tell you how happy it makes my heart to see the joy in your writing and the inspiration that you give me to keep going.
Have a wonderful time punching that bag this weekend.
Talk to you soon!

Chubby McGee said...

Sounds like a great way to move. It's fun and helping you get fit AND helping you burn off stress and frustration. That's win-win-win!

Man...I could use one of those.

Dawn said...

sounds like a great de-stresser! Good on you for setting it all up! totally get your frustration at dealing with the ex. I too have had that particular life treat...and a few years ago I could have screamed every time we spoke. Time does sort things out and it gets a whole lot easier. keep punching the bag until it gets there.
What happened with the weird post that popped up here briefly? Was it a hacker after money?

Jackie said...

WooHoo! What fun this post was to read. I was mentally hitting that bag with you, though for totally different reasons. What a great stress reliever AND fitness tool. And, you hit the excuses to the curb when you got that sucker hung-up all by yourself. NICE. YOU ARE WOMAN! Roar - and have a great weekend. Soon you just might be "floating like a butterfly."

~ Darla ~ said...

I'm gonna get me one of them punching bags - lol. Actually it really does sound like a great stress release.

Michele said...

A punching page sounds like a great idea and a great stress reliever. Good for you!

Yeah, would have been great to hook on at NSTA. I had no idea Mer that you were a science teacher. Good for you being on that planning committee. I tried to find a video of Jeff's talk. Is there one available?? It really was phenomenal.