Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Strong Start Secrets

Here are some strong start secrets to think about from Spark People-
Secret 1- Build a strong foundation of healthy habits
Secret 2- Spend less time exercising
Secret 3- Track food and calories
For me Secret 1- means to make healthy choices always. I am not bad at this. The more I make my own meals at home the better I am at this. It is making the right choices when I go out to eat or making it a habit to only eat half of whatever is on my plate. 
I am struggling with Secret 2.  Not so much the daily routine which is the key to the strong start, but I am to the point where I have learned to set myself up for success by wearing my workout clothes to bed so that I don't make getting ready to workout an excuse for not getting my butt moving in the morning.  It is more about pushing myself. When I did bootcamp someone else pushed me to my limit, but now that I am on my own it has been hard because I am lazy. I have to figure this out and I think I am going to go back to working out to videos, but I have to do some research to find someone I like and won't get bored with. 
I will be honest about Secret 3. I am horrible at this! Quite honestly it takes so much time to track not just food, but the calories too! If this is how I am going to lose the last 30 pounds then, I leave myself no choice, but to do what I know what I must do!
Only I can kick my own butt around and find the motivation to do this.  I have come so far and I will succeed! 
Always on the move,


The Fat Mom said...

I have a hard time tracking food and calories also. Have you heard of http://www.livestrong.com - My Daily Plate? It has a huge database of foods, a recipe section to calculate calories for a meal, keeps track of calories burned with exercise, water, etc. I've tried several calorie tracking websites and this by far is my favorite.

Mer and Mo said...

@Fat Mom- I just looked at the live strong site and I love it! Thanks so much for coming to my rescue! Thanks so much for sharing this awesome resource! Have a great week!

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

#2 is something I'll need to think of as I get into difficult work schedules this fall. So true.

Thanks for all your supportive comments on my blog!

Michele said...

Tracking food and calories is the key for me. Before I did it, I just eye balled my food. Boy, did I find out how off I was. My tip is to make it really easy to track. I fold a piece a paper into 8 sections and carry it with me everywhere. Each section is a day. I used WEB MD to learn how many calories were in many foods, plus of course labels. That system really works easy for me. Really helped me to actually lose weight.

Mer and Mo said...

Three little secrets to great success!!! You can do it and your success will be grand!!! Loving Michele's idea of the napkin and for sure going to check ou the different websites to help me with my own success!

Staying MOtivated MO