Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Confetti Moment

Last night was the Biggest Loser (US) season finale show. It is gone until September - how did I miss it? I used to make sure I watched every episode - start to finish. However, for the last two seasons I have had a DVR and have had every intention of watching the shows via "taped", but it just is not happening. I might be busier or just not interested or avoiding the fact that I have watched all those people before drop all that weight at such a fast pace of time, but what about me? Where am I in that equation? On rare occassions my son would watch part of the show with me and a few times I think he has seen the finale. When he asks if he can be up on that stage with me, with the confetti,   music, audience and being the Biggest Loser, I have to tell him that I would be away for more then 4 months. Oh, nope - that is not an option for him - Mom can't be gone for that long. Maybe someday. I then think about it - as much as I would love to be at a special ranch, work out every day for hours on end, lose my lunch because I was working too hard, cry and scream at the trainers because they are pushing me too hard, even have an eye opening moment.....I feel like I have that now!!

I have a special ranch - my new home - and I have done a pretty good job making my "gym" fit for me at my home. (Mo's Gym). Everytime I am on the punching bag of fun I think that Jillian or Bob is pushing me to the next level. I even think of all those others out there that are struggling with weight and being healthy. If they can do it, I can do it. I am not working out as much as I could, but I am making good use of my time and making my workouts fit into my schedule. I am proud to say I have not exactly lost my lunch during a workout - do I really want to?? And I have had many eye opening moments. Putting on clothes that haven't fit well in years,  feeling better, waking up refreshed and ready to hit the "gym", wanting to use my balance ball for a chair at my desk rather then actually sitting on a chair, eating more vegetables and drinking tons of water, getting a guy to notice me, people saying things to me about looking better, the high five I got from my older sister when I told her I was down 31 pounds (that was awesome), and the most eye opening thing for me is this - I am so glad I am doing this now!! Taking care of me - I am feeling less stressed about life in general - feeling recharged - taking things as they come to me - loving my new life for what it all has to offer me.

It is amazing how dropping pounds, taking the time to exercise, eating better, and making yourself feel better can make you feel like a STAR!!! When I hit my goal I want to have a party - a confetti, crowd screaming, music blasting event - that will be my moment - my recognition and just for my son we should have a "stage" for him to celebrate with me.

Keep it up - stay strong - continue on the path of success - soon all of us will reach our goals!!

Staying MOtivated MO


Carla said...

I am so happy for you Mo! This post makes me happy too! Congrats on your 31 pounds lost, I would love to be at your party. We will be passing by your area in a couple weeks. I'll wave as we go by. :D Carla

PS-Blogger is being weird and not letting me log in as myself.

jo said...

You are a star! Lots of confetti for you NOW! =)

Michele said...

This was such an upbeat post. Good for you! Love the fact that you are taking care of yourself.Funny how long it takes some of us to do just that.

Karen@WaistingTime said...

Kudos to you for doing it without Jillian and Bob:) I think I have watched three seasons now and am addicted. We record it and find it very motivating to watch while doing cardio.