Friday, August 2, 2013

Rough Day

Thursday was a really rough day for me. It wasn't supposed to be, but you know when you have a co-worker or someone close to you that is in a bad mood and sometimes you react to that bad mood - well, that happened to me today.

Then there was an issue at work that really hurt my feelings - and it was not done on purpose. Its silly - really, but it was something that effected me in an emotional way.

I have this new job. I am trying to get used to the fact that I not only am learning a whole new work  - going from a construction environment to dealing with wine and federal compliance issues - but I work in a room of 4 other women (and sure that it will grow to 6 other women at one point). Now, don't get me wrong, I get along with many and get frustrated when not everyone gets along with me. But, that is not the point - the point is I have worked with men for over 10 years, limited women interaction and my bosses have been men for the last 13 - so working with women is an adjustment for me. Especially when two of the women in my office have worked for the company for over 12 years - there is a certain way to do things, you can't tell them a new way to do something and oh my goodness, don't correct them on even the copier issue.

A few weeks ago I wanted to cheer up one of my co-workers. I bought some $1.00 pom poms and did a few cheers for her, one for each day for about three days. (she has been working long hours and had a huge air conditioner issue during the hottest time of the year), so I wanted to make her feel good, and our office is so quiet, a good laugh from time to time was nice.

One of my co-workers came back from vacation and saw those pom poms. Made a comment, made another comment and then another - and only once where I knew about it. I knew that this one co-worker said that those pom poms were an annoyance - you should not be doing that at work. (I did only do it once in the presence of this negative person, so I thought it was still okay)

Long story short - the pom poms were in plain site, and well, they came down today. The person I gave it to sent me a text message on my phone, because we just can't talk in person - and we would hate to have that message sent by email for fear someone would see it She had to take them down. No elaboration - thanks for the cheers, but no more pom poms. Now, I can sit and wonder if our supervisor told her to take them down, but to be honest I think she was feeling the pressure from this other worker.

This whole incident made me upset. It made the rest of my day drag and I could not wait to get home. But, wait - I had to go to two meetings tonight and didn't even want to go to any of them. This has also been the first full week of school for my son - dealing with forgotten homework, missed breakfast and two days of not taking his lunch to school took its toll on me today and for that I am sorry that I had to take my frustration out on my son. I was in a awful of awful moods!!!!

In the long run, I wish I could have just eaten away my frustration. I wanted to just eat away the pain. Even upon coming home tonight I wanted a Wendy's Frosty - but instead I only got one for my son. Yes, I did have a little something when I got home that was not a good idea, but the good part - I didn't open up the refrigerator a second, third or fourth time. I got on my blog and took a moment to ahhhhhhh - to read successes, struggles and triumphs.

The other night was Dance Fever on our Wii - tomorrow is a morning stretch wake up call, and there is more walking at work, too.

Bad Mood or Rough Day - don't let the food take you over!!!! Let the weight loss by your success!!!


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Alan said...

Mo, don't let the little things get to you and don't take things personally. Not that I'm always able to do these things!

Thanks for the mention on standup desks in your previous post!

Have a great day!